Perfect Health. Yes or No? {International Publication}

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I was honored to be selected as an international writer for a global publication, Luminous Wisdom: Sophia Magazine for the next year. This online magazine has 45,000 readers globally and have published the wise words and insights of womyn since 2007.

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Perfect Health. Yes or No?
By Tally Hayden

Do you believe in perfect health?  I thought I did, but then adversity struck and I had to focus on the message my body was trying to tell me.  We must ask "why" and then be open to receive the awareness.

Recently I was reflecting about how for the past three months, something with my health knocked me out of my flow.  I asked myself why and said, "I am open to receive the answer and to take action."

To my surprise my inner voice said, "You don't believe you can have perfect health."

How can that be?

I got this feeling I was settling.  Over the last few years, family and friends have experienced aliments and disharmony in their bodies, and I allowed this to become my norm.  WHAT the hell!

I realized I needed to shift my reality—I can create anything I desire!  One of the key ingredients is to "believe".  In order to believe you have to create the landscape of new thought patterns, so taking action to do that is crucial.  I was motivated to create a new reality for myself so I wouldn't have a fourth month where I was knocked down with a viral infection or a detox issue.

I created a new morning ritual that consisted of...
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