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Happy Spring!! And Happy Mother's Day to all you wonderful Nurturers. Welcome to the May LCWC Newsletter.

Spring is a time of rebirth and renewal. What a perfect time to explore your own yearnings for growth and development. Read below for information on both women's and men's empowerment.

Enjoy the poetry from my dear friend and Feminine Power​​ sister Susanne Donoghue.  She helps us connect to earth wisdom and unconditional love.​​​

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Are You Ready to Become Your Best Self?
By Dr. Diane Garrison
Clinic Director at LCWC

Empowerment is a process by which we develop a strong, positive, honoring relationship with our self.  Through this growth we can learn to truly own our strengths and gifts and gain the confidence to share them meaningfully in the world.  I feel a deep calling to assist as many women as possible to achieve this empowerment.  The world so needs our special gifts and perspective: our nurturing, our creativity, our receptivity to emotion and intuition, our deep compassion, our ability to see the big picture and collaborate with others.

We have lived for thousands of years in a culture which saw our primary value as care-takers.  While we have gained much more freedom in the past 50 years in terms of educational opportunities, career diversity, financial independence, and positions of leadership and power, women still struggle with self-confidence and visibility.  We are afraid to prioritize our own growth and development; that would be selfish.  We are afraid show up in our Full Power; that would be prideful.  Worse yet, we can't imagine what Full Power even looks like. Dear sisters, it is not us personally.  It is the cultural programming we have received since birth.

The more I study, the more I become aware of the cultural morays and expectations that keep us locked in a belief of lack and non-possibility. Sure you can work full time.  Just don't forget all your duties at home.  Sure you can take a position of leadership.  Just don't be too assertive or you will seen as a bi*#%. The expectations of our culture have not shifted as fast as our freedoms have.  But guess what?  We can empower ourselves and in doing so, create the energy, the momentum for the culture to shift.

Empowerment requires making a commitment (time and effort) to your healing and growth. It often requires seeking support and guidance. 
We can't become our best selves by our self.  It requires motivation and an "I count" attitude: I deserve to be comfortable in my own skin, I deserve to share my gifts fully.  As a first step, I would like to share with you the process, the key steps I take my clients through.  It is called the Full Power Process and uses the acronym P.O.W.E.R. to describe its defining principles.

              P – Prioritize your own healing and transformation (inner and outer self-care)
            O – Own your strengths and use them for your own behalf
            W –Welcome your intuition and inner wisdom and let it guide you
            E – Embrace your deepest desire and biggest vision
– Rise into your Greatness

Are you ready for the challenge?  Do you feel the yearning inside to become your Best Self?  The world needs you Full Power.  You deserve to create the life you love!

For more discussion on empowerment, follow me on Facebook and click on Videos.  I have a Facebook live every Wednesday at 9:30 a.m. --W.E. Talk with Dr. Diane. Past videos are saved on the page.

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For a free discovery session to explore your growth needs, call me at 262-547-9673. 

To explore the Full Power Process through a 2.5 hour Women's Circle, sign up below.

I know you are a busy person with a lot on your plate.  Just consider putting your self-care on your schedule. 

Unconditional Love  
by Susanne Donoghue

From the pure well it rises, coruscates, spreads light,
and sometimes when we dip our buckets
we catch evanescent glimpses of bright wings.

All our loves rise like this, become conditional over time,
fade as we clasp them to our bodies,
weep as we criticize them, judge them,
vanish while we sleep.

That never stops the well or the sun rising.
We may be forever new, always untarnished
if only we will come to the water again
and dip our buckets.

Reiki: Divine Wisdom Energy

Earth's radiant core
reaches to my feet, my legs, all my body,
building an antenna for sun's energy
pouring through my crown.
Love, I think.

Love, again.
Blind, but I can feel
the gentle pulse of life
flowing, ever flowing,
into me, into you.

There with your eyes closed,
your face like a child's,
not a mark of strain,
you breathe and receive.

Love from everywhere,
holding us together,
keeping the building whole,
keeping the sun alight,
cleansing the air,
the water,
the soil

Love is all of it,
and so interested in what comes forth
from all it touches.
We smile: we are love's body.

Man2Man--It's Time for Self-Care
By Nicholas Dillon, Addiction Counselor and Life Coach
"The Believe Coach"

While research suggests that men do not participate in self-care as much as women, it does not mean that men need it less.  Every man and woman should find time and ways to care for themselves on a daily basis.  In particular, men's self-care is not something that is often talked about.  As a man myself, I find that self-care is very necessary.  It allows me to maintain a life of balance.  Most men live very busy lives which may include career, entrepreneurship, recreation, parenting, spousal responsibilities, home maintenance, and maintaining family finances.

With all of these responsibilities, it is a challenge to maintain a good life balance.  Typically men are not socialized into speaking about their feelings and emotions.  But we are expected to just deal with life's challenges with the assumption that we will be taken care of it all.  It is difficult to deal with the pressures of life without good self-care.

My daily health and wellness regime starts at 5AM.  It includes exercise, mediation and prayer, and a healthy breakfast.  This activity helps to create a positive mental mindset for my day.  The CDC had documented that heart disease is the number one killer of men annually.  Research also suggests that the number major contributing causes of heart disease is stress, poor diet, and an unhealthy lifestyle.

Men need to learn good self-care.  I have put together a FACEBOOK GROUP called
Men2Men Mentoring The group is designed for men to join and have conversation and dialogue around self-care in a safe virtual forum.  I provide a learning session each week on topics that will help men with better self-care choices to maximize their life and take care of their whole self.  It is also a place for men to get advice from other men, including encouragement for life's challenges.

It is my hope to transcend the group from virtual to live events as the group continues to grow and take on additional momentum.  To join this Free Group, just click on this link:

A Holistic Healing Center
Dedicated ToHelping You Reach
Your Optimal Human Potential


Ongoing 2018

W.E. (Women's Empowerment) Talk with Dr. Diane

Join me Wednesday mornings at 9:30 at at my new Facebook "Full Power Women" for a Facebook Live chat  "W.E. Talk with Dr. Diane" where we will be discussing ways to begin to empower yourself.  All the videos are save on the FullPowerWomen page so that you can access at any time.  (While you are listening, click on the 3 dots to turnon Automatic Notifications of the weekly event).

Men2Men Mentoring with Nick Dillon

Join Nick Dillon each Thursday at  7:30 pm CT on Facebook Live for and dialogue around self-care in a safe virtual forum.  I provide a learning session each week on topics that will help men with better self-care choices to maximize their life and take care of their whole self.  It is also a place for men to get advice from other men, including encouragement for life's challenges.

To join this Free Group, just click on this link:                                                              

June 24: Women's Circle of Empowerment: An Introduction to the  Full Power Process

Do You Yearn to Create a Loving, Honoring Relationship with Yourself?

Are You Ready to Create a Life You Love?

This Circle is Your First Step to Claiming Your Full Power! 

You're a busy woman with a complex life doing good things every day. However, do you feel something is still missing, something is stopping you from becoming your best self? You might feel burnt-out, dissatisfied, asking yourself "Is this all there is?"

It is time to put You on your priority list!

As a first step to developing that empowered relationship with Self, I have created the Women's Circle of Empowerment, a 2.5 hour Workshop, where you will be guided through a series of Feminine Power Practices that will allow you to:

*Connect with your True Self in deep and affirming ways.

*Connect with you intuition, your inner wisdom to gain clarity about your growth needs and pathway to empowerment.

*Tap into the Power of Group Support and engage in rich "conversations that matter".

It is time to Reclaim who You Truly Are. It's time to become Full Power!

Register Now 

Time/Date:  Sunday, June 24, 1 to 3:30 p.m. 
Place:   Lake Country Wellness & Counseling
              1177 Quail Court, Suite 203,
              Pewaukee, WI 53072

Cost:  $25

Register Here 

OR  Call Diane Garrison, Ph.D. at (262) 547-9673

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