Here's how to make your dreams come true (like I just did)

Hi Healing Community,
Today I want to share a I lesson I've been going through in my own life: making your dreams come true.
We can all relate to the feeling of wanting more for ourselves.  The pull toward it and the resistance of it at the same time.  It's fascinating and empowering when you witness how you are showing up for yourself – and even getting in your own way.
When you lose faith there are steps you can take to get yourself back on track and in the flow again.  As you lean into that trust and believe fully that your dreams will come true, you can step into action and back into faith and watch the miracles and magic take place before you.

Listen to my conversation on Sacred Psychology as I explain the science and spirituality behind WHY mindset is EVERYTHING when it comes to understanding our world and our role in it. We also covered the metaphysics of "Self" and the need to step into our true power and potential!  Listen here

My Mantra:  "I am a powerful creator."  Affirm this mantra until it becomes part of your belief system and you begin to show up as a powerful creator co-creating your experiences.  

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