With the Help of Spirit: Creating The Sacred Spiral Academy

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With the Help of Spirit:
Creating The Sacred Spiral Academy

I often encourage my clients to work alongside Spirit. Spirit is the best partner in life you could ever want, with an endless and constant supply of unconditional love and support. In fact, Spirit will conspire with you in creating the life of your dreams.

The reason I can say that to you with so much certainty is because I have, and continue to, live that truth. In my quest to reach, help, and heal more people through the Sacred Spiral, the only actions that were useful are the ones that come from spiritual guidance, not from my intellect or mind. This is why, when I started to feel a shift in my work, even though I was really confused and slightly nervous about it, I knew I had to listen and pay attention.

It started back in November 2017 when I realized that, while I loved reading for my people and providing them with energy healing, something was still missing for me. My passion, heart, and soul was in taking people through the whole process of exploration and expansion, not just a single reading or a single healing. I wanted to be with my people as they experienced the highs of realization and breakthroughs, and when they went through the emotional and spiritual trenches.

It took several months for me to open up to the Universe's next step for me and my work: The Sacred Spiral Academy. Through online courses, video instruction, practices and meditations, and one-on-one sessions The Sacred Spiral Academy will provide instruction and guidance to those who want a deeper exploration of their spiritual and energetic gifts.

When I was first creating The Sacred Spiral Academy, I organized my thoughts, Spirit's insights, and logistical details with post-its on my home office wall. I also organized the implementation of the Academy into steps (step 1, step 2, step 3...).

Now, I'm pretty darn good at listening to instructions from Spirit. But sometimes, SO MUCH information comes through, that my human brain gets a little jumbled with details. I don't worry too much though, Spirit always finds a way to tweak when it's needed. And in the case of the Academy, Spirit wasn't shy in the readjustments.

I would head into my home office for the day, and find post-its rearranged, putting a different order on my steps and pairing ideas that were separate before. New ideas would come to me during all hours of the day. Soon, my post-it wall transitioned to a white board wall, a collection of all the energy behind the Academy. For the sake of my sanity, I had to surrender the planning to Spirit. If I tried to intellectually understand all the moving parts, I would become really overwhelmed. But, when I let the spiritual guidance flow through me whenever I was working on any aspect of the Academy, it all made perfect sense.

For this reason, it was apparent to me from very early on, that the Academy was much bigger than me. I was shown all the different elements and layers, provided with the resources and connections I needed to make the Academy come to life. My only involvement was bringing it all together. It's now the most potent example of my life, thus far, where I was truly the conduit for Spirit's mission. Every word, every decision made, was spiritually guided. The Sacred Spiral Academy is truly Spirit manifested.

You may be thinking, "Bobbi, that's you. Something like that isn't going to happen for me."

Let me be abundantly clear: This process is not unique to me, or reserved only for a specific group of people. It's available to you too. Right now, and always.

Can you think of one thing, right now, that you have been drawn to do? Something that even though you may be avoiding it, nags at you to explore?

That's your silent partner, Spirit, nudging you towards something great. It may be job related, but it could also be a random activity that you've wanted to try, or a person you want to spend more time with. It could be a decision or life change that scares the crap out of you, but it's always on your mind. Those little nudges are Spirit's way of laying down the breadcrumbs for you to follow.

If you are really, truly honest with yourself, what would you have your life look like? Let the Spirit (and the universe) help you create that vision.

All you have to do is listen, pay attention, and partner up with Spirit. And let the magic flow.

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