The Higher Consciousness Collection

12+ Recorded Classes with Energy Clearings,
Bonus Sessions, Resource Files, Videos,
+ Unlimited Email Support
Ready to Access Higher States of Consciousness?
Connect with your Spirit Guides?  
Communicate with your Guardian Angels or Ancestors?

Please Join Deborah Lighthart for this audio series of recorded classes and energy healing sessions designed to help you Raise your Vibration and Communicate with the Beings of Love and Light that watch over you. Deborah has been a professional intuitive reader and energy healer for over 20 years. Having read for 1000's of people from all walks of life, she has gained a wealth of wisdom to share with you to help you access Your Higher Consciousness faster and easier than ever. You'll learn inside tips and techniques to release your emotional blocks and subconscious barriers, as well as receive energetic support to achieve the higher vibrational frequencies needed to achieve your highest and greatest good.

This series combines easy, energy-shifting techniques like:  Guided MeditationEnergy Healing, Reiki, Spirit Messaging, Breathwork, Conscious Awareness Questions, Aromatherapy, Crystal Healing, Sacred Sound, Shamanic Journeying, Gentle Exercise, Mudras, Mantras + more. By bringing these techniques together, you will be able to shift the patterns and programming in your body, mind and spirit all at once.
This program may not be for everyone. Some people may not like the process. Some may not be ready fit change. For this reason, I want you to be able to try this program first, to see if it's right for you. You don't need to join a mailing list or enter any credit card information. There is NO Obligation whatsoever. Just click on the FREE 15m AUDIO SESSION BELOW and If you like it, you can purchase the rest of the program at the top of the page.

If you liked this FREE introductory session, you'll love the rest of the series, which includes the following audio sessions:
  • Gifts from your Guardian Angels
  • Connecting with the Infinite Truth
  • Drumming Up Your Personal Power
  • Connecting with Your Spirit Animal
  • Accessing the Power of Love
  • Opening Yourself to Divine Guidance
  • Reclaiming Your Truth
  • Reading Your Soul Records
  • Getting Clarity, Guidance + Direction
  • Accessing Ancestral Wisdom
  • Calling in Your Angels
  • Empowering Yourself with Love
  • PLUS several other BONUS Tracks!