Spirit Talk - Mercury Retrograde

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Mercury Retrograde

You may have heard that we're in "Mercury Retrograde," a buzz phrase these days. But what exactly is it?

Astrologically speaking, it's when Mercury is orbiting slowly, giving the appearance of orbiting backwards. Energetically speaking, retrograde tends to send humans way off balance. We may feel less organized as we fall behind on our usual tasks. Our relationships may feel uneasy, and disagreements more intense.

Our current retrograde is in the sign of Aries. This means that the off balance feeling will manifest potently within relationships and in our communications, as Aries brings a tendency to be hot headed. Disagreements have the potential to feel unusually heated, spiteful, and/or stubborn. Internally, you may find yourself struggling to hold on to your identity as you maneuver through the many words being said to you.

This particular retrograde has been challenging for me. I've learned how to be fluid and patient with retrogrades, but for whatever reason, this one has really set its sights on my relationships, my technology, and my patience.

A couple of examples of the daily experiences I've had during this retrograde:

I was on my way to teaching a class. I had left with just enough time to get to the venue. I hadn't made it more than three minutes away from home when my car stalled out in the middle of the road. My first reaction was to expand my energy to keep myself and the others around me safe. Afterwards, however, the panic set in. I had a full class to teach in 30 minutes and no car to get there.

Amazingly, an Uber was able to pick me up in three minutes, and the driver and I had so much fun on the way to my class location. The next day, the mechanic explained that he had no idea what caused the car to stall out, and nothing was stored in the car's computer to give him any clues.

In another, travel-related instance, my fiance Travis and I were driving home from Madison. Travis is one of those people who naturally knows where he's going, so when we reached the freeway, I turned off my GPS at about an hour left until home. Some time later, Travis realized he drove right past our Milwaukee exit. Right past, and about 45 minutes out of the way. It was now going to be about two hours before we got home. We decided to laugh it off, and enjoy the excuse to spend more time together, even if that meant we weren't getting home until 2 am.

While retrogrades tend to get a bad reputation, they are a fact of life. I encourage you to learn and grow from experiences during the retrograde, instead of succumbing to the chaotic energy.

Lessons from Mercury Retrograde:
  1. Slow down – Retrograde tends to make us feel frantic and out-of-control. Make it easier on yourself and slow down. Don't multitask or wait until the last minute. Give yourself more time to get to appointments and plenty of time to relax.
  2. Embrace your intuition – Intuition and other spiritual gifts are heightened during retrograde. Take notice so that you can stay connected to your spriritual skills after the retrograde is finished.
  3. Don't make any big decisions – Again, because retrograde tends to make us feel all out of sorts, it's not the best time to make important decisions. If you must, I highly recommend that you meditate first. If you're a business owner, I don't recommend that you start any new projects or launch new products during retrograde.
  4. Avoid road trips – Or at least plan for extra travel time (see my experiences above).
  5. Do your best to remain patient – No matter how retrograde impacts your life, plenty of patience is needed. Even if you're not feeling it, someone in your life is, and you'll want to be compassionate towards their experience.
  6. Don't expect too much from your electronics – Retrograde is notorious for making all types of electronics go haywire for no good reason. Take a breath, restart your device. If that doesn't work, walk away for a bit and return later.
The current retrograde will be ending on April 15th. The next retrograde will begin July 25th and will end on August 18th  (in the sign of Leo). The last retrograde of 2018 will begin November 16th and will end on December 6th (in the signs of Sagittarius and Scorpio).

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