Spirit Talk - The Insight of Our Animals

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The Insight of Our Animals

I talk a lot about my interactions with Spirit and my experience with energy. What I haven't talked about recently is how my best teachers, by no small margin, are my three dogs.

For those new to the Sacred Spiral family, here are my three dogs, from left to right: Bernie, Cooper and Oliver:

As with most animals, they are experts at showing me where my energy is at. When I'm calm and grounded in my essence, my dogs are calm and receptive. In this space, they often understand what I'm asking of them without a single word being spoken to them. When I'm off balance or emotional, my dogs turn into little hellions that have selective hearing. In this space, no number or collection of words will help them understand what I'm asking.

And there's no getting away with anything with my dogs! If I've worked too long without any meaningful breaks, they will lay on top of me/my lap top/my coat, whatever I'm needing to be productive, and lovingly force me into taking a break. Oliver always knows when I need a little extra TLC, and will wiggle his way behind my head and be my pillow. If I don't feel well (which I often won't admit to those around me), Cooper will attach himself to my leg, reminding me to take it easy.

Dogs are so good at reminding us to live in the moment, and be present in our bodies. But what always amazes me is how insightful my dogs are about my well-being and my life. I like to check in with them, via an animal communicator, whenever a deeper conversation needs to be had.

Recently, Bernie connected with animal communicator Lynn Schuster, so we set up a session for the three of us to talk. I've known Lynn for a handful of months now, and was not surprised when she very clearly talked about and to Bernie, with perfect accuracy. What surprised me was when Bernie gave away part of his session to my healing. He helped Lynn give me insights into challenges I was maneuvering, and, most profoundly, insight into the meaning and purpose of my life.

The overreaching message from my little dude Bernie? "You're truly amazing mom. You're here to heal the world. And I've got your back"

Many people see their pets as members of the family, and as far more than just pets. I don't think, however, many of those same people realize that their animals have many wise things to say, and insights to provide. During the first communication session I ever did with all three of them, Cooper insight-bombed me about my business expanding. He said something along the lines of telling me that I had done the self-work required to be able to be of service to others, so get ready, because I was about to get a whole lot busier in a few months. Three months later, my business was growing faster than it ever had and I was travelling frequently. Looking into his eyes, you can see an old soul there. I just didn't realize he had been watching my life so intently.

If you're even a tiny bit curious what your animals have to say to you, I highly encourage you to have an animal communication session. I've had sessions with the following animal communicators, and they are both extremely talented. Choose the individual that you feel most called to:

Lynn Schuster, Animal Spirit Talker: http://animalspirittalker.com/
Stacy Krafczyk, All Spirit Healing: http://allspirithealing.com/

Join the conversation! What messages have your pets shared with you?
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