Spirit Talk - Everything Happens for a Reason

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Everything Happens for a Reason

I recently found myself in a conversation with a colleague and friend, and later with my fiance Travis about the same topic. Third time's the charm, so now I'm going to talk to you about it.

With so much division and negativity rising to the surface in the world, it's hard, as a healer and spiritual person, to watch. It's hard to sort through all the emotions that pop up: anger, sadness, inspiration to help, guilt at not doing enough, frustration with not knowing what to do, awe in watching the courage of others, and hope in humanity. There's also this other phrase that has become a kind of buzz phrase these days: everything happens for a reason.

Through the conversations I had, and in my own reflection, I found myself reminding myself of that particular phrase. But what does that actually mean? I think many people understand it to be a passive statement, instructing them to remain in the role of observer and watch everything work itself out.

I'm not sure your opinion on this, but something is missing for me in that. While I believe that there are great lessons to be learned in watching and observing life around you, I have a passion flame inside of me that moves me to be of service. Which begs the question, what exactly does it mean when we believe that everything happens for a reason?

I believe it is an action statement, meant to inspire you to move and exist in new ways.

It is meant to suggest you follow the breadcrumbs, so to speak, and open your heart and mind to the possibilities. To act on the whispers of your heart that tell you how to show up for yourself and for the other souls that live in this life with you. Because you happened for a reason. Your life's purpose was assigned to you for a reason.

My purpose is to stand in my power so as to give you space to learn how to stand in your power, too.

My purpose is to help you give yourself permission to be fearlessly you, by being fearlessly, unapologetically, me.

My purpose is to embody my spiritual expression in all it's amazingness, so that you can find out how incredible your spiritual expression is.

My purpose is to open my heart to you, exactly as you are each moment, so you have a safe space to explore who you are and what your truth is.

You see, it's a domino effect. Can you imagine what would happen if we all embraced, unapologetically, who we are and what we're here to do? If you decided, right now, that you were going to show up for your calling and take action, every single person who saw you do it would be inspired to do the same. How many people would see you? 10? 100? 1,000? How many people would see those people taking inspired action? Now we're talking inspired, powerful movement.

But it starts with you, by listening to the whispers of your soul, and answering the call. I'm here to lead you through it, to go into the trenches with you so you can reemerge in powerful alignment with what you're here to do. I'm ready to make waves with you.

I happened for a reason. You happened for a reason.

Everything happens for a reason.

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