Spirit Talk - Don't Limit Your Greatness

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Don't Limit Your Greatness

I want to talk about something that used to make me SUPER uncomfortable and kinda twitchy. I used to dread the moment when clients asked me if I was a medium.

A little background here. When I first started reading full-time, my self-declared specialty was communicating with Spirit Guides. I was working on being comfortable with communicating with Angels (their energy vibration is so high, that my ears would loudly ring). I was not, however, comfortable with reading any passed loved ones. The energy is different, and therefore connecting with them had to be handled differently. Because of this, I got it in my head that I couldn't trust myself to interpret the messages. I've always been hyperaware of the integrity of my readings, and didn't want to provide any messages that I wasn't totally confident in.

I took this to an extreme, taking time in the beginning of my sessions to explain that I wasn't a medium. Those of you that have been with me since the beginning likely remember this. That worked for me for awhile, until one particularly intense reading.

I had been on a roll. For whatever reason, the messages were coming through with exceptional clarity and very quickly for this particular client. So quickly, that, without pause, I started telling her that her father was in the room, giving a description of his appearance, and his mannerisms. I continued on to tell her what he came to say, focusing solely on him. I had totally forgotten about my mediumship insecurities and was going with the flow.

When I went to shift focus back to her Guides, I noticed she was shaking her head.

"I thought you said you weren't a medium," she said. "How could you have known any of that if you aren't?"

Panicking a little that I had translated her dad's messages incorrectly, she started to cry, telling me that everything I had said and the way that I had described him was accurate to how he was in life, down to the words I had used.

It was a turning point for me, and a moment of self-realization. I realized that I had put myself under self-imposed limitations that didn't match the reality of what I was capable of.

After that, I didn't preempt my readings by saying I wasn't a medium. More and more, readings started to include passed loved ones. Interestingly enough, once I was okay with incorporating mediumship into my readings, I didn't have anyone specifically ask me if I was a medium.

My belief in my mediumship abilities solidified when I read for a client who came in wanting an entire reading dedicated to someone who had passed (without having asked me if I was a medium). Past nerves crept up, but I did the reading anyway, as requested. And wouldn't you know, it was entirely accurate and incredibly healing. For both me and my client.

I want to take this time to hold space for you so you can give yourself permission to trust yourself. In some way, we all put self-imposed limitations on our greatness and gifts. Today, I want you to see your greatness without any need to limit it or make it smaller. Get out of your own way, and see your amazingness for everything it is.

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