Is an Ayurveda Detox for you? 

Is an Ayurveda Detox for you??
Spring time is often used as a time of cleaning, whether it be our home, office or self. It is also a time of year when we see a lot of offers for group cleanses.

This month's Sunday with Sundari will discuss how Ayurveda approaches this seasonal cleaning, including why I don't offer group cleanses.  Here is a sneak peak article discussion my three reasons.

Join us today at 3pm and learn if an Ayurveda Detox is for you!   

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Is an Ayurveda Detox for you??
Sunday, April 22nd
3PM - 4PM

Toxins are everywhere!  They are in our food, air, water and products.  They are also in our thoughts and social interactions.  Over time, our body's natural methods of detoxification may not be enough to rid of all of them.  Ayurveda has many diet and lifestyle techniques to promote detoxification. I will share with you how to identify toxins and three methods of detoxification per ayurveda.   

Cost: FREE!

We encourage you to stay for the gong bath following at 4pm. 

Gong Bath
Sunday April 22nd
4pm - 5pm 

Let the universal vibration of the gong wash over you. Heal, quiet & center your body, mind & spirit. 
Start your week off right with this relaxing and blissful hour. Bring what makes you comfortable: mat, blanket, pillow.

Blissfully priced at $15 when you prepay.  $20 at the door. 

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