Can I Tell You My Secrets? (24 hours ONLY)

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My dearest Sacred Spiral family -

As many of you know, my life has dramatically changed since opening the doors of the Sacred Spiral last year. It has expanded in ways I never thought possible. But the favorite part of my job is and will always be, you. My greatest joy in life is watching you guys have profound breakthroughs and realize your own unique greatness. And as I expand, my ability to serve you expands too.

I've been bursting at the seams with excitement to share this new chapter of The Sacred Spiral with all of you, and I can't wait to share it with you now.

Gobs and gobs of love, blessings, and gratitude -

Welcome to the Sacred Spiral Academy, I can't wait to start working with you!

Let me show you all the mysteries and secrets that I've learned from Spirit.
The four courses currently offered at The Sacred Spiral Academy are listed below. Ask yourself the questions in each course so you can find which one will serve your unique gifts and needs. If you're still unsure which one will benefit you most, please reply to this email so we can chat.

Each course has a discount code for you that will expire in 24 hours. After that, the courses will be full price for everyone who wants to enroll. I encourage you to trust your gut and enroll in the course that's calling to you.


This is your chance. 

Will you take it?

Becoming A Badass Empath

Have you been told you're too sensitive?
Do people open up to you easily, even if they're complete strangers?
Do you consider yourself a people pleaser?
Do you get drained when you spend time in large crowds or when you're around a lot of people?
If so, chances are you're an empath. I'm also betting you're feeling overwhelmed by your emotions, confused by your experiences, and lost as to where to find help.

Let me show you what to do about it in Becoming A Badass Empath - Get started HERE

For $100 off this class
use code: IMREADY1 (expires in 24 hours)

The Underground Universe
Tapping Into the Power of Energetics

Have you ever walked into a room and felt the tension?
Have you ever 'clicked' with someone instantly?
Are you drawn to chakras and auras, wanting to know everything you can about them?
I want to show you how to do things differently in The Underground Universe - Get started HERE

For $100 off this class
use code: IMREADY1 (expires in 24 hours)

Learning the Mystical Secrets of Tarot

Have you always been drawn to tarot reading?
Do you have a feeling that tarot is so much more than a party trick?

I want to show you my secrets to reading tarot in Learning the Mystical Secrets of Tarot - Get Started HERE

For $100 off this class
use code: IMREADY1 (expires in 24 hours)

Demystified: Learning How To Live Alongside Spirit

Have you always known there's something 'more' out there?
Have you always known that you are more than just your physical body?
Have you been drawn to connect to Spirit?

Let me show you the possibilities, Demystified - Get Started HERE
For $50 off this class
use code: IMREADY2 (expires in 24 hours)


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