The Intuitive Awakening Series

Are you Ready to Awaken Your Intuition?
Tap into Your Psychic Abilities?
Expand Your Spiritual Awareness? 

Please Join Deborah Lighthart for this audio series of recorded classes and energy healing sessions designed to help you Access your Inner Psychic! Deborah has been a professional intuitive reader and energy healer for over 20 years. Having read for 1000's of people from all walks of life, she has gained a wealth of wisdom to share with you to help you awaken your intuition faster and easier than ever.You'll learn inside tips and techniques to release your emotional blocks and subconscious barriers, as well as receive energetic support to achieve the higher vibrational frequencies needed to align with your divine inner wisdom.

Using the Energy Bath Personal Transformation Program, this series combines easy energy-shifting techniques like:  Guided MeditationEnergy Healing, Reiki, Spirit Messaging, Breathwork, Conscious Awareness Questions, Aromatherapy, Crystal Healing, Sacred Sound, Shamanic Journeying, Gentle Exercise, Mudras, Mantras + more

This program may not be for everyone. Some people may not be prepared for the rapid energetic shifts or be ready to release their emotional baggage. Some may just not like the process. For this reason, I want you to be able to try this program first, to see if it's right for you. You don't need to join a mailing list or enter any credit card information. There is NO Obligation whatsoever. Just click on this audio and take a listen. If you like it, you can purchase the rest of the series using the link below.

13 Recorded Classes with Energy Healing Sessions  (RETAIL VALUE: $240)
12 Weekly Group Sessions by Phone/Online  (RETAIL VALUE: $240)
3 Monthly Private Sessions by Phone/Online  (RETAIL VALUE: $240)
Weekly Email Support for up to 6 Months  (RETAIL VALUE: $240)
and The Personal Transformation Workbook (RETAIL VALUE: $5)

Here's what Participants Have to Say About this Series:
"Deborah, this was an awesome class. I will be going back through it because it was so much great information and so many great clearings that my heart is saying do it do it again. If you need a testimonial just let me know." - program participant

"Absolutely enjoyed this whole series with you Deb. Just signed up for the class in June!" - program participant

"What I was able to get was amazing... my intuition guided me through the reconstruction project in a HUGE way in how I did it and in who I trusted to talk to about it. Now, since I am available tonight, I am going to start at the beginning again and get all of the information sequentially. I'm glad that it is available so I can do that." - Cindy Freeman

"I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am to have been involved in the Intuitive Awakening Series. I found a way to do it twice a week with my crazy schedule.  It is so powerful to listen and feel the energy. I can honestly say that I feel different since it began. Much more grounded and calm in my own body.  I feel as though I've been easily attracting great things in my life too. I will continue to use the Series moving forward. Thank you for shining your light once again for us!!!" - program participant

"Thank you so much for the course. I really enjoyed it and learned so much. God bless!" - Michele Ann Langdon

"Loved our last session tonite Deb!!   You are a great teacher!" - program participant

"Thank you so much for letting me (join) tonight !!! Wow it was a beautiful and calming experience and much needed today after having a very bad and upsetting day today. Thank you!!!! Reconnecting with truth of spirit, thank you." - Karon Kiffel

"I love the classes and am really starting to see images.... Some sessions speak to me more than others. Also the session about being aware of our angels and guides. Oh boy. I am starting to be aware of many things.  And the angel numbers - 1111 - 1212 -  wow. Have had a 555 and 444 too. I am keeping positive! (and the) Dreams - OMG" - program participant

" I love, love, love this of the best investments EVER!!!!" - Tally Hayden

"... enjoying the series.  I'm seeing a lot of images, and have had 2 interesting dreams." - program participant

"I am loving these classes Deborah! Learning so much. When I grow up I want to be YOU!!!" - program participant

"It was very cool. A nice gentle cleanse. Thank you..." - Mary

"I am loving the Intuitive Awakening classes!!" - program participant

"Wonderful beginning! I'm so looking forward to expanding my knowledge and abilities!!"  - Sarah Prasser

"Great start to the program- super excited to continue the series!"  - Rachel Warnock

"Thank You for this teaching .. what a blessing ... #DeborahLighthartisanEarthAngel. ❤😇🙌❤"  - Paula Hammond

"Thank you Deb for our first Intuitive Awakening Session. You truly have blessed us all with a gift to connect with our own intuitive path. Can not wait until session two !!!! Have a good night! — feeling blessed."  - Sandie Neitzel

"... loving these classes !!!!! Feeling a higher awareness connecting with my angels and guides!!! You are blessing us all so Deb with your life stories and experiences (which I totally enjoy hearing about) letting us know we all have different ways our guides connect with us. Can not wait for the next class!!!! Thank you sweet Deb!!!!!" - program participant

"I have never experienced the sense of peace and renewal as I experienced during my first ever energy bath....." (click here for more details)   - Joy Weber