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It takes a tribe to get through a human reincarnation and all of its ebbs and flows.

I was recently at a retreat in Florida with my holistic business tribe. It's my second retreat with this group, and both times were magical. The retreats are a perfect mixture between spiritual and energetic processing, and business planning. This retreat, however, took me deeper than I had ever been with the group, and to a place within myself I don't frequently visit.

During one of our sessions, we watched a video featuring Russel Brunson (founder of ClickFunnels), who spoke about his path to creating a successful and thriving multimillion dollar business. He experienced what many of us experience while building a business – there's often a slew of setbacks, redirects, emotional challenges, intense insecurity, and moments of wanting to give in and give up.

Hearing him talk so openly about the hurts and the vulnerability he faced took me back to every moment in my life where I had experienced the same. All it took was one question from a member of the group to release the flood gates, "What did that video do for you Bobbi?"

All the hurt, feelings of abandonment, sense of unworthiness, fear, and insecurities that I've left unresolved came pouring out of me for the whole group to see. I'm talking the whole deal - the uncontrollable sobbing, dripping nose, shaking, and, in a moment of big release, a really loud snort.

I've shared my thoughts and experiences with groups before, and consider myself to be an open book. But this was something else. This was letting people into my dark and twisty, and trusting them to hold me in a loving, safe space as I laid all my vulnerability out.

And guess what? They did. They hugged me, put loving hands on my back and legs, and listened with the kind of attention that only people who really care can. Not only did fears come out that I had never vocalized before, but walls of shame and distrust tumbled down as I was finally shining light on the things that I kept inside. Shame can't exist when you bring it into the light of a healing conversation.

As I looked around, I saw that others were having their own healing moments, nodding and wiping tears away while listening to me process. Healing is contagious. Especially the vulnerable kind. Especially when it happens with your tribe.

Because this kind of deep healing tends to have many layers, immediately afterwards I grappled with embarrassment for having "lost my cool," and for showing others what my conditioned self (or ego) perceived as my weaknesses.

For those of you that have had a Sacred Energy Healing with me, you may remember that I tell you that when stuff comes bubbling to the surface, that you have to let it come out. That bubbling is when you know it's ready to be released. And the best way to release it is to allow the emotions to come out and allow yourself to experience whatever you're feeling without shoving it back into lockdown within yourself.

This is called sitting in it. To release, you must sit in the experience. And so, while I was at the airport on the way home, I was sitting in that god-awful feeling of embarrassment, letting the feeling take over and have its moment in the spotlight.

A couple hours later on the plane, I had a realization: I don't have to hide that part of me anymore.

I let my tribe see all the messy, twisty parts of me, and it didn't change my worth or change who I was. It didn't shut down my spiritual channel. It didn't make me self-combust into Bobbi flames. It did the exact opposite – it strengthened my spiritual channel because it removed barriers between me and Spirit. It helped me reclaim more of my personal power as I accepted the hurt bits of myself. And it brought me even closer to my tribe.

Vulnerability is scary, and it's magical. Vulnerability is uncomfortable, and intensely healing. There's nothing quite like it.

And it takes a tribe to lead you through it and hold you up while you let it all out.

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