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One of the really interesting parts about my work is watching the incredible connections between people who have never met. It's incredible for me to see almost identical messages come through for people who don't know each other and are often read days apart. Or the people who go to two different readers and get the same message from both, often with the same cards showing up. When the Universe wants you to pay attention, It makes sure to get your attention.

And the same thing is happening for those I have already read for 2018.

This is a hugely important year for so many people. All of the energy workers and spirit channels are being called on, in a very prominent way, to step fully and boldly onto their life path. These same people have the iconic Native American totems showing up in their year outlooks: the Wolf, the Elk, the Hawk, the Eagle, and the Buffalo, to name a few. And to really put the cherry on top, those totems are showing up during the same time of year for the vast majority of the people receiving their medicine.

Universal energy is aligning for some serious shifting in consciousness.

So what does this mean for you? I want you to start showing up in your life in a powerfully bold way. Immerse yourself in your authentic truth, and act only from your essence's guidance. Begin constructing a life that you feel excited about.

I've also noticed a couple things about the flow of energy throughout the year:

The beginning of the year is holding space for you to dive into self-work, in whatever way you may need. For some, it may be working on their confidence, for others, it may be releasing fear. Ask yourself what your biggest challenge is right now, then go a little deeper and figure out what emotional and spiritual conditioning is feeding into that challenge. That's what I want you to work on for the first part of this year.

The middle year begins to lay the foundation for whatever life shift you most need right now. For those of you that feel the call to energy work and spirit channeling, the middle of the year is when you'll be asked to flex your spiritual muscle and practice your craft. Show up and embrace the opportunities!

The last months of the year are when the real fun starts. There's going to be incredible opportunities, positive changes, and a chance for you to put yourself firmly onto your life's path. Don't forget to lean in and go with the flow!

No matter what happens for you, this year is going to be full of some incredible shifting. Allow the layers to fall away, embrace the changes, and watch the miracles unfold. 

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