Spirit Talk - The Key

Photo by Matt Artz on Unsplash

The Key

Allow me a moment to tell you a story about what happens when I ignore my little nuggets of help from Spirit.

In the midst of unpacking at our new home, I stumbled upon a lone key. I suspected that it was a key to our house, and had the passing thought that it should probably go outside as the spare. It was odd that this key was by itself, as the keys we received with the house came together on a ring (and there were something like 10 of them). But that was neither here nor there. I made a super reliable mental note to do something about it the next day.

Days passed, and the key remained indoors. It surfed between the home office floor, kitchen counter, kitchen table, and back to the kitchen counter again. I knew that neither Travis or I had been moving it. That almost got my attention. I even had a couple days that I thought, 'I really need to find a place for that key. I'll do it when I get home.'

Then came that fateful day. The day Travis and I were walking out of the house, talking about coordinating our schedules (riveting stuff, I know). It was a cold Wisconsin morning, something like 20 degrees outside. I reached for the garage door and realized I didn't have the keys. Travis stared at me, taking a few, sleepy seconds too long to register that he already closed the door to the house, but didn't have a key either. We had locked ourselves out of our own house and garage, in the cold, with jackets that were barely warm (never mind gloves or a hat - and in my case, socks).

Following 10 minutes of jiggling handles, checking windows, pleading with the dog to jump on the door lock, and a full hearted attempt to pick the lock myself, we resigned to our fate: pay for a locksmith to break us into our house.

One hundred dollars later, we entered the house and there was the lone key, sitting on the kitchen counter, glimmering in the morning sunlight. I remember thinking, 'I'm never telling anyone about this.Hehe!

Spirit tried to get through to me. Made one heck of an effort actually. But alas, I am human and didn't listen. Let me be your example this week. Spirit has your back in all things. Even the small things. I highly recommend you listen. 

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