Imbolc Triple Goddess Reading Special


Blessings in celebration of the Return of the Light, beloved ones!

In honor of this beautiful holiday, I will be offering a special "Triple Goddess" Imbolc reading for only $25! This reading is designed to support you in embodying your wholeness as we begin to transition into the time of Spring here in the Northern Hemisphere and is a wonderful gift to give yourself or a beloved one longing for clarity, guidance and goddess blessings around what this year has in store. It's also a wonderful way to connect in with your own inner feminine.

Each reading will be emailed within 48 hours of purchase as a downloadable pdf with images of the cards, thorough interpretations and a customized womb prayer and blessing to support the receiver of the reading uniquely upon their path at this time.

This three card reading will focus upon the Maiden/Mother/Crone aspects of each one being read for, and will offer specific insight into how best to support embodied balance and grace as we prepare to transition into a new season. Believe it or not, Winter is actually nearing its end now!!

This reading special will run from the first of February through the 8th to give anyone interested a chance to connect with me around it. While it is focused (as is all of my work) upon the expression of the Divine Feminine in human form, I do want to remind those who identify as men that the Holy Feminine resides within you as well. There is much wisdom to be gained and healing to be experienced through engagement with your own inner Goddess self.

For those of your ready to book right now, please do so here - you can click on the "special offers and discounts" to purchase it.

If you wish to learn a little bit more about what inspired me to offer this particular reading special at this time, please do read on! Imbolc is one of my favorite holidays, and I will share with you some of the wisdom I have gleaned over the years as I've honored and attuned to this holy time's energies.


As some of you may know, February second marks a quarter turn upon the Wheel of the Year. The day known to many today as "Groundhog Day" is in fact a much more ancient, deeply rooted Goddess holiday - that of Imbolc.

The holy day of Imbolc has been connected in Europe and around the world with the goddess Brigid as she appears in her maiden or springtime form. Brigid is one of a minority of goddesses around the world known as "Triple Goddesses" - what this means simply is that Brigid represents and teaches us about embodying the three major aspects of the feminine life journey: Maiden/Springtime, Mother/Summer and Fall, and Crone/Winter. When we attune to these triple goddesses, they can teach us much about our personal journeys in this life, and how to embody and celebrate ourselves exactly as we are in each moment.

One aspect Brigid is particularly famous for is her healing abilities. It is said that if one places a blanket or shawl outside your doorstep on the night of the first into the second of February, the spirit of Brigid will visit and bless the cloth with her healing touch. For the year afterwards, you can wrap yourself or your loved ones in that blanket when feeling down or under the weather, and allow her healing blessings to cloak you and support you in your healing. I have engaged in this practice for a number of years now, and I absolutely love wrapping myself in a scrumptious blessed "goddess blanket" whenever I'm feeling ill. It's modern day magic, and a simple way to bring attention to your healing intentions! Sipping on warm herbal tea while wrapped in a cozy blanket is sure to help support your healing process, and why not make it even better by infusing that blanket with a bit of Brigid magic?

I wish you blessings in this time of emergence, and I am here to support you in embodying your most authentic and vibrant expression.

Until next time, may you always remember you are blessed, for indeed you are the blessing.

In abundant love,

Jenna Steep