I'm on the COVER! My Red Bucket of Love {International Publication}

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I am a Cover Girl! I am checking that off my manifesting bucket list. I was honored to be selected as an international writer for a global publication, Luminous Wisdom: Sophia Magazine for the past year and this month I am on the cover. This online magazine has 45,000 readers globally and have published the wise words and insights of womyn since 2007.

See my featured February article below – and I'm on this month's magazine cover!

My Red Bucket of Love {Cover Story!}
By Tally Hayden

How different my life would have been if our culture and educational system focused on how to cultivate a relationship with oneself first—to learn to love and accept oneself early in life.

I have now come to realize that each day I awake is an opportunity to discover a deeper love for me—an opportunity to fill up my love bucket.  The happy moments in life are not the only ways to fill up our love buckets; the challenges and painful experiences that occur in our lives contribute as well.

There have been several great loves in my life where pain created the opening in my heart to start to love myself.  First, when I was 22 years old and living in Washington, D.C., I received a phone call that shattered my life.  My father, who was a very wise soul, passed away of a heart attack at 59.  He was the first person who I loved deeply that died.

My mother, who was my rock, passed away from a stroke less than four years later.  I was 26 years old.  This was only two months before my first wedding in hometown Juneau, Alaska.

The next loves that brought pain were my first two marriages.  I married a man who I dreamt about growing old with—we divorced over six years later.  I remarried a few years later to a man who made my heart sing, but that song died over a year later when...
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