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Happy Valentine's Dear Friends. Welcome to the February LCWC Newsletter. Valentine' s day is a wonderful time to remind our loved ones how much you care. But how about you? Are you one of your own beloveds?  Self-love is our doorway to happiness and fullfillment. Read the articles below, check out the upcoming workshops, and peruse the book ideas to deepen your journey to self-love.

Have you heard of  Crypto-currency? Do you want to learn more?  Check our the article by my trusted colleagueJohanna Wallin, International Financial Emotional Wellness Coach.

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Becoming Your Own Best Friend
By Dr. Diane Garrison
Clinic Director at LCWC

So many of the folks I work with desire a stronger, more positive relationship with themselves. They want this to increase their personal happiness. They want to improve their relationship with others, including their higher power. They desire to enhance their ability to share their gifts and talents in the world so that they feel they are truly making an impact and contribution to humanity. And so often they find themselves getting in their own way, through repeat patterns of thought and behavior that keep them feeling stuck and unhappy.

So how do we develop that strong, positive, loving relationship with self so that we can offer the world our
Best Self. There are many ways from self-help and spiritual development books, to workshops, to therapy and empowerment coaching, to support groups and meditation/mindfulness training etc.. I would like to suggest trying to become your own best friend by treating yourself with the same understanding, kindness, affirmation, and compassion you would treat a best friend asking for some support. Self-compassion practices are very powerful for this work and I would like to share the Hawaiian spiritual technique of Ho'oponopono.  As a meditative technique, you close your eyes, deepen and slow your breath, place your hands gently on your heart and say over and over in your mind "I love you, I am sorry, Please forgive me, I thank you."

To make this practice even more powerful, you can first write a love letter to yourself (as if you were writing to your Best Friend) and use this information in your meditation.  I will use myself as an example.

Dear Diane,
I love you:
 for your fierce compassion and dedication to your clients, for your courage and willingness to take risks, especially in expanding the depth of your work, and for deepening your spirituality. I am proud of you for working hard to keep your body healthy and your mind peaceful.
I am sorry: I can be self-critical, that I slip into judgmentalness, that I still use food to sooth myself, that I work too hard at times and get burnt out, that I lose my sense of humor and take myself and life too seriously.
Please forgive me: for not always paying attention to your needs physically, emotionally, spiritually, for forgetting to reach out for support, for forgetting to trust in you and divine love.
I thank you:  for your energy, your determination, your love, your wisdom, your willingness to continue to fight the good fight, for putting up with my flaws and weak spots, for being all that you are and for being willing to continue to grow.
With much love and appreciation,

Your letter can be more or less detailed.  You can write it many times. You can make it pretty and hang it on your mirror.  Just allow yourself to do it, a Valentine to yourself.  You deserve no less.

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What is Crypto-Currency?
By Johanna Wallin
International Financial Wellness Coach

Hi, I am Johanna Wallin, Financial Wellness Coach and owner of New Paradigm Coaching. I am writing a simple primer on crypto-currency as a current world phenomena and how you can engage with this new realm of business and benefit from it while it is still in its early stages of development.

This is a multi-layered topic.  It is already affecting you both on a personal level, as well as a member of your community, country and the world, whether you are aware of it or not.

The innovation behind crypto-currency is the block-chain. People with good insight in IT, finance, and social development, estimate that the impact of this innovation on society is even bigger than the shifts we got when the internet arrived. The block-chain allows the sending of value (compare - internet sends information) in a fast, cheap, and secure way without any middlemen. We lost the need for the postman with the internet. Now it is time to lose the banker, resulting in you being more empowered and in charge of your own valuables.

For instance, the block-chains can secure that diamonds that are sold are from legitimate mining fields and not blood diamonds and that the groceries on your plate can be tracked to the producer.  Your medical journals, rental contracts, legal documents, anything valuable, can safely and easily be distributed by yourself, to whom you want, without any middlemen. That is huge!

The block-chain, as with the internet, is a responsibility we need to step up to and it has implications we cannot yet see. It is also the foundation for new innovations that will organically develop through this new way of exchanging value and valuables. Compare these current shifts with the arrival in the early 1980's of the internet. The folks creating the internet did not foresee the explosion of social media nor crypto-currency.  Interesting times ahead!

Are you ready to explore crypto-currency?  The answer to the question is linked to your  wallet, as well as your values, beliefs, visions, and intentions. Are you ready to expand your knowledge and change your relationship to wealth and money?  Do you believe you can co-create a new stable currency together with millions of ordinary people such as yourself?  A currency without inflation? This is possible because the numbers of crypto-coins are limited, crypto equals gold as an asset. (The US has made crypto-currency equal to gold, silver etc., making it listed on the stock market as a commodity.)
Being an early adapter myself I am used to handling risk, and that is both financial and emotional risk. I realize, having been in this business for 3 years now, this is a big aspect of being able to handle and partake in this opportunity--Risk Tolerance!  I choose to follow my intention to create financial wealth and at the same time do a good deed for my fellow mankind.

If you are ready to handle the emotional aspect of financial risk, I am happy to continue supporting you with access to this new and fast growing, fast changing realm. Both with initial investments and without. Otherwise, wait a year or so and crypto-currency will probably have become mainstream and the risk will be reduced.  If you still are intrigued by this huge innovation, but not sure how to jump on in, I have Emotional Fitness trainings online to make you ready. Please contact me for more information.  I look forward to working with you.


To learn more on this topic read:

Thomas McMurrain - The 7th Disruption: The Rise of the Digital Currency Billionaire  (Kindle Edition)
"In the last 100 years six disruptions notably TV, Internet, Email, Mobile, E-commerce, and Social Media have created 1,000's of multi-billion dollar industries. It is my prediction the 7th Disruption is going to topple the biggest industry in the world…and it began in 2008!

Education of digital currency will lead to mass adoption and almost overnight 100's of millions of people around the world will no longer need the reserve currency known as the US Dollar. This book will provide the bread crumb trail for you to find your way out of the woods before the sun goes down. It is time to take back what is rightfully yours."

Love Yourself
By Nicholas Dillon, Addiction Counselor and Life Coach
"The Believe Coach"

One of the most fulfilling relationships you will have is the one you have with yourself.  Even if loving yourself isn't frequently on your mind, you'll benefit enormously from recognizing the impact that accepting and caring for yourself can have on your everyday life and relationships.

Practice self-love every single day. If you do, you'll prosper and come closer to achieving the life you truly deserve. To cultivate self-love, start with these tips and see how you can expand them to suit your own life. 

  1. Your Physical Self: Looking After Your Body
  • Take more time with your appearance.
  • Make a positive change today.
  • Put energy into yourself.
  • Notice your physical "positives."
  • Sleep more.
  • Brighten up.
  • Ask yourself what your body requires.
  • Acknowledge all that your body does for you.
  • Show commitment to loving yourself.
  1. Your Intellectual Self: Feeding Your Mind
  • Do something you've longed to do.
  • Write down your life priorities.
  • Foster your passions and dreams.
  • Ensure you've got a real life with real people.
  • Stop doing something just because "it's always been this way."
  • Take a personal inventory of your life.
  • Consider the bigger picture.
  • Tell yourself you deserve it.
  • Find your inner power.
  1. Your Emotional Self: Understanding and Respecting Your Feelings
  • Accept yourself as you are.
  • Journal.
  • Claim responsibility for your own life.
  • Avoid negativity toward yourself.
  • Forgive others.
  • Send out positive vibes to other people.
  • Say you're sorry if you are.
  • Let go of any negative feelings you may carry toward others.
  • Cultivate self-respect.
  1. Your Spiritual Self: Caring for Your Soul
  • Make each morning a good morning.
  • Indulge.
  • Change your personal space.
  • Turn on the tunes.
  • Turn off the gadgets.
  • Allow yourself to feel love from others.
  • Worship.
  • Immerse in nature.
  • Be adventurous.
  • Recognize that time is of the essence.

In summary, when you devote even a little time and energy to accepting and loving yourself, your life will be enriched. Connections with others will be stronger. And you'll be more apt to achieve your dreams.

Love yourself in some way each day to keep your passion flowing and accomplish your greatest desire.

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Your Optimal Human Potential


February 2018

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You're a busy woman with a complex life doing good things every day.  You have already done important self-work. However, do you feel something is still missing, something is stopping you from becoming your best self?

Are you ready to move to the next level and learn to:
*Build that unshakeable, trusting relationship with yourself. Learn to become your own best friend.
*Identify and release those old repeating stuck patterns that block your forward movement. 
*Connect to your intuition, your inner wisdom, to help you make decisions and meet the challenges in your life with more confidence
*Tap into the power of group support to help you transform your life.

Join Dr. Diane Garrison for this exploration of a new workshop series designed to assist you to move from Functional to Fabulous.  Learn what you can gain, as well as how the group will be structured (time commitment, cost, expectations).  Come share where you feel most stuck and what you long to create in your life with a group of like-minded sisters.

Time/Date:  Saturday, Feb. 24, 10 to 12p.m.
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