Since the beginning of time, humans have gathered around the fire for warmth, sustenance and safety. We told our stories, shared our food and bonded with each other. This is what kept tribes of all kinds strong and helped them to survive. In modern culture, with all of our devices and distractions, we've lost touch with this primal need for human contact. It's time to reclaim our greatest gifts in this world:


Our Bond-Fires are misspelled for a reason. It's because we want everyone to remember that this is a time for bonding. A time for letting down your hair, letting down your walls down and letting yourself just being yourself. It's a time for realizing that who you are, is exactly who you need to be. It's a time for feeling that tribal type of bond and finding the comfort and closeness that we all crave. It's all about:


During these gatherings, you can participate in games, exercises and activities to learn more about yourself and the other people in the group. You can explore interaction from a new level and see the world through a new lens. Character is defined, friendships are formed and community is built. Plus, there's food!

You can attend any of the public Bond-Fires listed in our MEETUP or you can schedule a private gathering for your own family, friends or co-workers. Just contact Deborah Lighthart at 262.377.8885 or BY EMAIL HERE

Meals, Drinks, Snacks, Photography, Customized Activities, Energy Healing, Meditation + more. Please stay tuned for more details!