An Exercise to Quiet your Mind

This letter came to me from a friend in our community. It's about a great exercise to help you learn to listen to your higher guidance. I mention something similar in my Intuitive Awakening Program, but I think it can be useful for almost everyone so I wanted you share it. If you have a favorite tip, tool or technique that you'd like to share, please EMAIL ME HERE.  If we all post our two cents, we can get "rich" together.

I was listening to a recording today about connecting with guides/angels and there was a great tip I thought I would share (if you haven’t heard it before). For people that are starting and seem that they can’t quiet their mind or think they can’t anyhow. She said have you ever been in a busy coffee shop or out somewhere with a friend and they say to you hey do you hear that? And your mind goes quiet while you listen to hear what they are are talking about. During those few moments your mind is quiet no thoughts just focus on listening to what they heard. She said it a great exercise  to do to yourself throughout the day. It will not quiet your mind for a half hour like you need to do for meditation say but it will strengthen and train that muscle to help start quieting you mind. I thought hey that’s great insight and thought I would share with you in case you didn’t know (I think maybe you do but hey maybe you don’t) so you could share with the people you help.
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