The Chakra Activation Series

Are your chakras BLOCKED?
R...u...n...n...i...n...g...   S..l..o..w..l..y...?
or maybe even sdrawkcab?

This could be the reason you haven't been able to make changes in your life! Please Join Energy Healer + Intuitive Reader, Deborah Lighthart, for this audio series of recorded classes and energy healing sessions designed to help you activate and energize the front and back of your 7 major chakras. Having worked with 1000's of people from all walks of life, Deborah has gained a wealth of wisdom that she can share with you, so that you can heal your chakras faster and easier than ever. You'll learn inside tips and techniques to release your blocks and barriers, as well as receive energetic support to achieve the higher vibrational frequencies needed to get your chakras running fully and fluidly. 

This series combines easy, energy-shifting techniques like:  Guided MeditationEnergy Healing, Reiki, Spirit Messaging, Breathwork, Conscious Awareness Questions, Aromatherapy, Crystal Healing, Sacred Sound, Shamanic Journeying, Gentle Exercise, Mudras, Mantras + more. By bringing these techniques together, you will be able to shift the patterns and programming in your body, mind and spirit all at once. This allows you achieve results faster and more effectively than ever.

This program may not be for everyone. Some people may not be prepared for the rapid energetic shifts or be ready to release their emotional baggage. Some may just not like the process. For this reason, I want you to be able to try this program first, to see if it's right for you. You don't need to join a mailing list or enter any credit card information. There is NO Obligation whatsoever. Just click on this audio and take a listen. If you like it, you can purchase the rest of the series using the link below.

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  • The Chakra Activation Series Audio Library of Recorded Classes, Energy Sessions + other Resources (You can explore these tools, tips and techniques on your own schedule and at your own pace)
  • Facebook Study Group with FREE Livestreams  (Joining this group, allows you to share this journey with other people using the program)
  • Unlimited Email Support  (so you can ask all the questions you need throughout the entire program!)
  • OPTIONAL ADD-ON: 3 Private Sessions by Phone with Deborah Lighthart  (Doing 1 session before you begin, 1 half-way through and 1 as you complete helps you to get the most out of the program)
  • OPTIONAL ADD-ON: 6 Live Group Sessions by Phone/Online offered 7:30-9pm CST Every Wednesday   (attending weekly live sessions helps you to supercharge your shifts)

Here's what Participants Have to Say About this Series:
"I wanted to connect with you to tell you how I'm doing with the Chakra classes... it's been a wonderful experience. Before starting these classes,  I'd been having trouble with visualizing during mediation, but now I have been finding it easier.  Still a ways to go, but its better.  And I'm really glad you offer these through recordings!" - Lisa S.

"Thank you for an amazing call!  Beautiful healing energy❤️" - Root Chakra Activation participant

"Hi Deborah!... Last night was fabulous!... how do I sign up?" -  Jennifer J.

"You are so amazing at your work❤️❤️" - Crown Chakra Activation Participant

"I felt blissful!" - Andrea B.

"Thanks much for tonight's session. The connection with my spirit guide was very helpful." - Sandy W.

"I went somewhere also for about 15 minutes! Loved it!" - Rose

Last night did an amazing Chakra session with the lovely gifted Deborah Lighthart.  Felt so great during and after." Deborah H.

"It was awesome. I swear I went somewhere while I was listening. Before I knew it, the session was over." - Linda L.

"Great!" - Genelle M.

"The (chakra clearing) was Great! I am in a great deal of pain because I have fibromyalgia and I am under a lot of stress about a job I took in good faith that is not working out the way it is supposed to or the way it was promised to me. After this Chakra activation I feel so much better, I am free of some of the pain and I am in a good place in my head. Thank you Deborah!" - Libby L.

"The call tonight was absolutely beautiful❤️ thank you!!" - Mary Kay B.

"That was an awesome session! I will be joining you for others as well." - Emily B.