Spirit Talk - Living with Jonathan

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Jonathan - Part II

As you may remember, several weeks ago I told you about a spirit that was in the house I was moving into. 

In case you need a refresher, here's the Reader's Digest version:

My fiancĂ© and I found three great houses in record time. After assessing the energy in each house and a quick blind reading, we decided on the house that had a spirit (Jonathan) in it. I was uncomfortable with him at first, but did some homework on him and realized he's harmless and very confused. We moved in last week! 

Do I have updates for you!

The buying of Jonathan's house and the selling of our old house went smoother than I could have ever expected. I probably shouldn't have been as surprised as I was, because the blind reading I had done on each potential house made it crystal clear that Jonathan's house was meant for us. But validation never gets old!

We found and put an offer in on Jonathan's house within a week of deciding that we were ready to 'start' looking at houses. This happened to be a week before Thanksgiving, so we delayed putting our old house on the market until after the holiday. 

Once listed, our old house had an offer three days later, from the second person who viewed it. I'm taking a little bit of credit for this. I spent epic amounts of time energetically clearing the house and raising its vibration so prospective buyers would feel right at home. 

Even on moving day, we were surrounded by amazing people who made the day work under challenging circumstances. Our movers were total troopers and put in 10 hours of move time with us, while the cleaning crew worked around the movers. Our dog sitter was amazing in that she didn't mind keeping all three dogs two hours past their original pick up time (she admitted later that she was going to miss having them around).

We were clearly, undoubtedly meant to be in this house. The Universe made sure we were going to get there.

And now that we're in the house, I'm getting to know Jonathan. He has a very childlike demeanor about him, and is very curious about me. He tends to peak around corners, and we've already heard him walking around in the kitchen.

I do have an additional piece to his puzzle as well: He commented that he was looking outside for something that he could no longer find. A neighbor informed us that there used to be an underground cellar outside that the previous owner dug up and filled in. I'm still not sure why he's looking for it, but now I know what he's been looking for. 

It's not unusual to have one or two spirits in my home. It comes with the territory of my work. But I think Jonathan will be my most interesting house guest yet. 

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