January Visioning 2018 Women’s Circle 

Dear Friends,

Happy New Year!

I'm writing to share an invitation to join me and a group of brilliant women for a live January Visioning 2018 Women's Circle I'm going to be hosting!

I'm offering this special event to celebrate the completion of my 2 years of training and my certification as a
Feminine Power Transformational Facilitator (yay!).

The start of the new year is a potent time to set intentions and align with your greatest vision. If you're like most awakening women, you feel called to create many different things in your life, from deepening or attracting love to expanding your prosperity, creating influence and impact in your career, improving your health, and more.

By joining my
January Feminine Power Women's Circle, you'll discover the most potent Feminine Power Practices to connect with the areas of your life that are most "in season" for you to focus on in 2018.

DATE:  Sunday, January 28, 2108
LOCATION:  Lake Country Wellness & Counseling
                     1177 Quail Ct., Suite 203, Pewaukee

TIME:  1 to 3/3:30 p.m.
TUITION:  $20 in Advance, $25 at the door
HOW TO RSVP:   Email dgarrisonphd@gmail.com
                                 Call   262-547-9673  

My intention is to create a supportive space for women in my network to gather together and to vision their
Year of Greatness!

During this special gathering, you'll be guided through a series of Feminine Power practices to create clarity & intention, alignment, and finally committing to your destiny pathway.

As a result, you'll be supported to step forward into your greatest vision for the new year and tap into your Feminine Power, from which you can source even more creativity and support to manifest your greatest vision.

Come join me in a space for authentic connection and celebration on this special day!

Please RSVP to Dr. Diane Garrison at dgarrisonphd@gmail.com or 262-547-9673  and help spread the word by forwarding this message to your girlfriends!

P.S. Check out my website to receive more information on my new Empowerment Coaching and get your free gifts.  www.LakeCountryWellnessandCounseling.com