Cellulaide for an All-Natural Necklift

A lot of people were asking how I have been lifting my saggy neck and reducing my double chin, so I made a video to show you. I've been using this all-natural ayurvedic product called "Cellulaide" from from Vedic Botanicals.

I also use a cheapie little face massager that I bought at Walgreens to really deepen the effects. I do this for about 5 minutes every morning and every night and it has been working miracles. I'm about halfway to where I'd like to be neck-wise. I'm guessing another 2-3 weeks and I'll be ready to move my focus to my arms. (I've got some serious wings flapping around down there. lol)

I do want to warn you that you may feel a warmth and tingling in this area throughout the day. The product is designed to stimulate cell activity, and it totally does! So, don't be afraid if you feel random moments of warm neckness.
I'm thrilled with the results I've been getting and this has really helped me to love my body more and I hope it helps you to do the same.
Love + Light,
Deborah Lighthart

P.S. I do not know how this product would interact with serious health conditions or medications, so please consult your health professional to see if this product and technique are right for you.