There’s magic in you

Hi Healing Community,
You are magical.  Do you know that?

Maybe you remember or maybe you have forgotten, but either way, it does not matter.  Truth remains truth.  You were born with the ability to create magic.

Not the whirly-swirly wand waving kind of magic, but deep magic that can move mountains.

It's the kind of magic that happens when you put your mind to something and nothing – No Thing – can get in your way.  It's the kind of magic that happens when you open to the guidance that is within and around you always, and somehow you are lifted to higher and greater things than you could have imagined for yourself.

You see, there is an ever-present witness to your life.  A part of you that observes your actions and reactions, your thoughts and feelings.  This part of you stays in the background witnessing and waiting.  It is waiting for the opportunity to be invited to play a bigger part in your life.

It's your authentic self that offers you the silent whispers of guidance and direction.  When you connect to that deepest part of you, you can begin to see how you've been getting in your own way and blocking the path of magic in your life.

I'd like to teach you how to connect to this part of you more deeply.  Join me on December 19 @ 12:00 pm CST to learn about The Magic In You.  It's a free webinar, and we'll be talking about mindset, manifesting, and meditation.

Much love,

Krysti Turznik is a #1 Best-Selling author, speaker, and life coach helping people live a life that speaks to their soul and has meaning and value.  Through mindset, motivation, and meditation she  shows them how to establish a deeper spiritual and create a life filled with miracles and magic where every day feels like a day at the beach.

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