The Recipe for An Energy Worker's Aligned Biz

The Recipe for An Energy Workers Aligned Biz

There's something that I am noticing online and I want to address it really quickly because this topic could be causing you some confusion!

Manifestation coaches will rock the testimonials and results their clients get but Biz coaches who kinda teach manifesting either disempower it or say it's inconsistent bc you really need paid traffic through Ads...


Everything you do involves manifestation.

For energy workers your biz is built around:
1 part alignment to your Soul + Human + Energetic Gifts
1 Part Manifesting & Energetic Practices that are very specific to creating business wealth
1 Part 3D Business Actions that are in alignment with the above parts
1 Part Relationship Building with Self & others

For my own life + biz, manifestation results come from a combination of
  • belief system work (mindset),
  • being open to the journey that unfolds while holding the frequency of my biggest dreams/visions/desires (because anything smaller is just too small),
  • manifestations of the best kind that are long-lasting and sustainable never ever, ever come from the chase of money itself (watch a spiritual biz crumble over time or watch a biz owner fry themselves out with this approach bc it's truly not sustainable for the new collective planetary frequency)

I witness my clients start to balance the Soul + Strategy (grounded biz actions + the secret sauce I teach behind the scenes ) and new levels previously unimagined are achieved. Their steps turn to leaps toward the BIG goals that might just take a few years for all parts to align, while all of the signs are coming in that signal "I AM SUPPORTED" even when some days you're shaking in your boots because of the massive leaps having been taken and that are come.

The present success the future unfolding, the past left behind and healed.

What I stand for a believe to be true:

Gone are the days when masculine force is the only belief of how we create our desires.

Gone are the days when indoctrination takes precedence over the calls from within - no matter how subtle they are - the quiet voice of discontent will eventually become a scream.

Gone are the days when your higher purpose and Soul call are not given permission to be born in this lifetime!!!

To Your Infinite Empowerment!

Celia Faye Meisel