Planting Seeds of Intention

Hey there Healing Community,

As we rapidly approach 2018, I am noticing major energy shifts within my clients and those in my community.

What I am being shown right now is that we are in a very fertile time for planting seeds of intention for 2018.

The holiday season will move by very quickly and while it is important to be present with family and enjoy the experience, Source is giving Energy Workers a lot of empowerment right now so that you are fully prepared for a massive 2018.

Many of you have roles that are far greater and deeper than you are imagining. When you aren't manifesting what you *think* you need or desire, your brain leads you down one road that can feel disappointing, but your innate infinite intelligence is inviting you to expand through a simplification process. This can be challenging for those who are conditioned to perpetual business.

If you keep doing the same things over & over, telling yourself it's different just because the action has a new facade, that doesn't make it different!

As someone who spent 10-years running a successful business, yet always spinning at $3.5K per month, no matter how much work I put in, the only way out was through entering a new frequency and receiving the support of coaches who could show me the tools to a new way of running a business.

You have a message & mission.

When does your message & mission become so important that you commit to rewiring yourself at every dimensional level of your being? That you become a living & breathing example of what you represent & teach?

When you truly bring the power of transformation & change into your own life you have something to deliver that people on this planet are truly craving.

Are you on a similar wavelength and feeling the call? Hit "reply" and let me know if you are feeling an inner stirring and opening to the possibility of a brighter new reality in the new year.

To Your Infinite Empowerment!

Celia Faye Meisel