Happy Holidays, GI-MAP Reminder, and Year End Flash Sale

Rosen Wellness, LLC
Dear Healing,

Happy Holidays and a Happy and Healthy New Year!!

Three quick things:

1. A reminder about the GI-MAP test. It might be something to think about for the New Year. As I wrote in this month's newsletter:

There is no shortage of health news articles about the importance of the gut and your personal flora. I have touched on that subject several times in the past. I have discussed identification via stool and saliva testing, blood testing, and muscle testing.
Here's the latest - the GI-MAP™ a DNA Stool Analysis from Diagnostic Solutions Laboratory. The test assesses everyone's microbiome, identifies healthy and unhealthy microorganisms, and provides a personalized nutritional protocol. The test costs $359 prepaid and may be covered by insurance. You can pick up a test kit from me, you pay the lab directly, and you consult with me regarding the results. For more information on the test click here: http://diagnosticsolutionslab.com/

2. There is a great sale at Direct Labs for the Comprehensive Wellness Panel - only $59! You can buy the test now and do it later!! There are other specials as well. Check it out at http://www.directlabs.com/.

3. I have just a few items left from the FLASH SALE - I have Vital Proteins Grass Fed Beef Bone Broth Collagen for $50. Regular price is $65!!

I will also keep the Nature's Frequencies EMF protection products on sale until the end of the year.

Food Freshness Card - $50
EMF Cell Phone Chips - $10
EMF Key Chain - $35


I've just finished updating my Website.

Check it out:  http://brwellness.com/


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