Become Fear-Less with Dr. Kate Dow's new book!

Hi The Healing Community,

Tomorrow is launch day for my friend Kate's new book, Fear-Less: The Art of Using Anxiety to Your AdvantageI'm super excited for her! 

GET A FREE COPY: At 2PM Eastern tomorrow Kate will be featured live on an online launch party showcasing her book along with a few other authors. Sign-up now! She'll be talking about her book along with some other amazing authors, sharing tips for aspiring authors who want to write, and taking a lot of audience questions. I'll be there, and I really hope to see you there too!'ll learn how you can 
download her book from Amazon completely free of charge. It'll only be free for a few days, so get it while you can, and she'd really appreciate your honest reviews.

You can register here:

Remember, sign up now so you can learn how to get your free copy of Fear-Less!

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