Upcoming events at Bodhi Ayurveda

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Upcoming Events at Bodhi Ayurveda
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LOCATION: 10345 N Port Washington Road
Lower Level
Sundays with Sundari

Ayurveda - A Natural System of Wellness

Sunday, October 29th
3PM - 4PM

Have you heard about Ayurveda? Curious to know what it is all about? Ayurveda, a Natural Wellness System, is an ancient method of understanding your nature and how to use the environment, food, lifestyle, routines and more to retain, maintain and regain wellness. Join us for a complimentary hour of exploring this Natural Wellness System.

We encourage you to stay for the gong bath following at 4pm. 

Sunday Gong Bath
October 29th, 4pm - 5pm 

Let the universal vibration of the gong wash over you. Heal, quiet & center your body, mind & spirit. 
Start your week off right with this relaxing and blissful hour. Bring what makes you comfortable: mat, blanket, pillow.

Blissfully priced at $15. Pre-register here!

Supercharge Your Immune System
Wednesday, November 8th, 4pm - 5pm 

Join me in welcoming Bridgette Wells to Bodhi Ayurveda for this special event.

Catch a cold. Develop a cough. Cough lingers...congestion and fatigue come back. Cough and fatigue linger more. Catch the next cold going around. Does this sound familiar? This cold and flu season you can stop the cycle of sick before it even starts after this workshop that combines the ancient, holistic wisdom of Ayurveda and Yoga with the modern science of the immune system. You'll leave with a better understanding of:

*how your body fights illness
*how you can take simple steps to support your body's efforts
*what to do when you feel an illness coming on
*what to do to shorten the length of an illness if you do get sick
*how to do this with your kids too!

Don't dread the season or get germ anxiety. The truth is, we are all going to be exposed to germs this winter, but we don't have to let them drag us down. Join Bridgette for the lowdown on sustaining your strength and immunity.

$25 investment for a healthy and energy-filled holiday season and New Year. ($20 for members of Bodhi Ayurveda's Enlightened Membership Program or the Ayurveda Association of Wisconsin)

REGISTER AT www.bodhi-ayurveda.com/events or by calling 262-893-1757.

Bridgette is a graduate of the Kanyakumari yoga teacher training and Certified Ayurveda Practitioner program. As a student, Bridgette first came to yoga for the physical benefits, but soon found much more depth to her practice and a calling to share the gifts of yoga with others. On a personal path of healing herself, she next learned of yoga's healing sister science, Ayurveda, and found the powerful synergy of the two practices. Bridgette aims to lead her clients and students in finding strength, flexibility, vitality and harmony.

Bridgette guides clients in understanding why their body and mind work in the particular ways they do. Clients will learn how to work with those particular tendencies instead of against them, leaving them stronger, full of energy and more adaptable to all the stress of modern life. Together with a client, Bridgette designs an individualized plan for daily rhythms, food and eating habits, yoga and self-care to prevent and treat disease, build strength and immunity, and maintain a consistent sense of well-being. Bridgette takes particular joy in witnessing the powerful effects Ayurveda and Yoga have to not only help clients move through whatever health challenges they are facing, but also boost their vitality and find the spark everyone looks for in life.
Join us for a Journey to the Self.

Early Bird Reservations now being taken.  Reserve your spot by December 1st and save $100.

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