Today's the day! I'm so excited

Hi Healing Community,
It's finally here!  Today my new book, Mindset Magic: Using Scientific & Spiritual Principles to Create Your Life, is available for FREE - you can get your free copy OCTOBER 19+20! 

After you've downloaded your free copy, go to my website and enter your Amazon order number and you will receive access to $1,000s of dollars worth of more free bonuses from me and other people who are sharing their gifts as well. 

My mission is touch as many people as possible with the message of my book - that we have more power than the power we claim, and that we can become active co-creators in our lives and create with purpose and intention.  When we begin to understand that the things that are happening in our lives, are happening to and for us, it is then that we may look closely at everything that is being offered to us. 

I've mentioned before that one of the reasons I started writing this book was for my daughter Arwen.  It's been such a thrill to watch her experience with the writing process and finally seeing the actual book.

Here's a video I posted on Facebook that she took of me when I first saw the print book for the first time.  Click here to watch it

Here's a video I took of her.  I asked her to share what she thought, and her response blew me away.  Click here to watch it

*I would love for you to read this book and for your support as well in helping me get Mindset Magic to become an Amazon #1 Best Seller!
Please share with all your friends and family members.  

Since Amazon ranks success by the number of downloads in a short period of time (in my case the FREE DOWNLOAD), if you have several email accounts you could use or wish to order more than one, please do so as separate individual orders to help boost my numbers.

I'm thrilled to be able to get my message out to you and the world in a larger way, and am truly thankful for you.  Get your copy of Mindset Magic now. 

Much love,