Quick Marketing Tip!

Healing Community,

I've got a quick + actionable marketing tip for you today!

I've been noticing on a lot of promotional posts on Facebook that are missing a few key elements necessary for conversions (i.e. sales or leads).

When I first got started with Facebook marketing, I literally signed my first client by posting a picture of Lord Ganesha in a promo-free group. It was that simple. Four months later I was rocking the promo days in my favorite groups, getting on sales calls, and soon after closing my first 15K of Online business.

The tips I have for you today will work AND convert!

When you create a promo post on FB,
if it's for a group or for your biz page -
ALWAYS include the following:

*WHO* the offer is for (key points from your ideal client avatar).

*WHAT* they'll receive for saying yes (features, transformations ie how your magic takes people from pain to peace).
*HOW* they can contact you for more info or to schedule.
Your ideal client will SEE your posts and says "YES, that's me! I have to speak to this person NOW."
It's that simple.

One last thing ...

These marketing tips, they only work if you put them into action! 

To Your Infinite Empowerment,

Celia Faye Meisel