Meet my friend, Pat Molter!

Hi The Healing Community,

I'd love to introduce you to my friend Pat Molter. We met when she asked me to do an interview with her on gut health for the "Alive and Vibrant at Any Age Summit."

Below is an email from her – please read her story about her last trip to Rwanda and what she would like to do next. It is chilling to learn about some of the things that Rwandans have endured, and inspiring because there are people willing to give a helping hand!

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My trip to Rwanda in August was an answer to prayer.  It was a wonderful experience as well as humbling. It has been a dream of mine for years and I am so grateful to those who supported me and made it possible.

 On the right is a badly needed hospital that is being built. Construction continues as funds become available.  Building is done by hand as to provide more employment for men and give them a sense of self-worth. 
To the left is Laura (our team leader) with a genocide survivor who lost her legs to a machete. She wears flip flops on her hands and uses them as feet. She has two children and supports her family through a micro loan which enables her to purchase soap and re-sell it.

Below to the left are some of the children who love to see their face in our camera!!

Below to the right – a baby on the back and a bundle on the head!! Any wonder that Rwandans have wonderful posture?

I had a chance to share at the monthly Pastors meeting the importance of managing stress and how food plays a role in their overall health. We discussed ways to deal with stress. I also showed them some deep breathing techniques. (All through an interpreter) I have been asked to return in February and speak at the Regional Pastors Conference. They have asked for help in finding ways to become more productive in their ministry and relationships. I have also been asked to spend a day with 53 HIV/Aids infected women who need lots of encouragement (infecting them was one way to end their tribe).

One of the hardest parts of the trip was touring two of the genocide memorials and seeing first-hand the brutality humans inflicted on their fellow brothers and sisters.

The Rwandans are amazing—they have endured so much and yet have a ready smile. And they love to have you to dance with them!!!!!!

Please pray for me as I seek to raise my financial support. The Regional Pastors Conference is held just once a year, in February. I am humbled to be asked to speak.

The team leaves February 14th for two weeks. The cost of the trip is $2800.00. My deposit  of $200.00 is due Oct. 8th. I rely on financial partners to make this trip become a reality. Please pray about partnering with me as either a prayer partner and/or financially.

Checks should be payable to Kwizera Ministries and mailed to me. Please do not put my name in the memo line. Or you can donate via Paypal—my email address is aromatherapybypat@yahoo.comThank you!

Pat Molter
2220 E Bennett Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53207

More about Pat:
Pat Molter was introduced to a raw foods diet in 2005 when she quit chemotherapy as a result of the many side effects she was experiencing. Although the cancer had spread into her lymph nodes, she is now cancer free. She believes her raw food diet has been a key component in her health recovery. She starts every day with a green smoothie. She also used essential oils to help detoxify her body and also to help with the self-induced stress resulting from stopping the chemo treatments.
Pat is also certified in aromatherapy by the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy. Inspired by her own allergic reactions to mass produced, chemical-laden skin and beauty products, she began exploring natural alternatives. As a result of her exploration of natural remedies, she began her way to certification in Aromatherapy and graduated from The Institute of Integrative Aromatherapy. Pat makes her aromatherapy products, including custom-tailored remedies, through Aromatherapy By Pat. You can learn more here