Marketing Defined, The Infinitely Empowered Way!

Dear Healing Community,

I'm dropping in today to deliver this message about how we over at Infinitely Empowered define marketing. It's a little wordy and that's intentional - I wanted to write it out like you'd read it in a dictionary!

YOUR business matters to me. It matters because I know that you have important work to do in the world and if you aren't effectively marketing your services the clients and community that NEED what you have to offer aren't working with you. That's a loose loose situation ... I'm here for the win win!

The Celia Faye Meisel - Infinitely Empowered definition of Marketing:

An extraction of ideas & thoughts related to a business owner's offerings, that are translated into energy through words, videos, or images used to speak to a business owner's perceived, ideal Client or customer. The translation of ideas and thoughts are presented in a way that invites the ideal Client or customer to be moved into action, whether in the present moment or at a future date, depending on the circumstance.


Here is another point I want you to understand about marketing, why you might have been holding yourself back and why you don't have to anymore ...
In the past & recent times, marketing has been used to support a system that creates a lack of health, wealth, and mindfulness. As we have now stepped into the era of the conscious business owner, which paves the way for the conscious consumer, the system of marketing is intended to empower health, wealth, and mindfulness for those clients and customers who choose to align with conscious businesses.

What this means for the conscious business owner:
Drop the fear state inner paradigm and become relentless about only holding space for your highest inner truth to come forward, by building a community-based cohesive business. A that empowers your clientele to go make big changes to their inner world so that they can reflect back to others what is possible.

YES, you are here to create a ripple effect, and what's most important is that you believe fully in what you are doing. If you choose to believe fully in yourself and your business mission, I promise that your Higher Self, in alignment with Spirit, will fill in the gaps for you. You do not have to work alone any longer ... because you are always Infinitely Empowered if you choose to be.


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To Your Infinite Empowerment!

Celia Faye Meisel