Let's Connect in the New Facebook Community!

Hey, Gorgeous Healing Community!

I'm sure that if you are sensitive and soulful like myself, you've been feeling all of the energetic shifts happening internally ... the past 90 days have felt like the ship picked up and totally shifted directions!

As you may or may not know, at the end of July I closed the Facebook community that I had run for about 19 months. In that time period, I changed the group name & focus many times and the more I tried to change it, the less connected I felt. So, I went back to the drawing board and took the necessary time to rebuild my biz from the bottom up.

If you have been a biz owner for a short while, or a long while, you know that a business must have a strong foundation to flourish. While I have been a biz owner for over a decade, the first 2-years of online biz ownership been quite the learning experience.

You will find that no matter how many coaches you hire or programs that you take, it's your responsibility to do the work and master your skill, to master your message and the unique highest purpose that only you can deliver.

Creating Infinitely Empowered has become everything that the title promised to bring ... (funnily, my first group was called Empowered Abundance). I ALWAYS test strategies out on myself and I have a few clients who are always willing to be my little "guinea pigs" when I am rolling out a new energetic process.

Infinitely Empowered continues to deliver that "Strategy & Soul" that I am known for, while also creating a foundation for me to fully express all of my gifts. The same intention is set for you, to have an Empowered Business where you don't have to closet your gifts and abilities so that you can Shine in whatever you do, wherever you are!

To Your Infinite Empowerment!

Celia Faye Meisel