Introducing my fellow author, Kelly Stone Cramer!

Hi The Healing Community,

I am thrilled to share some incredible creations from my friend Kelly Stone Cramer. Nothing gives me more joy and inspiration than to see a friend following her desire to create more goodness for the world, especially showing us ways to be more confident and empowered.

Did you know that you were built with an unending supply of inner strength?

That's what my friend Kelly Stone Cramer, fellow author, wants you to know through her empowerment messages. She just rolled out some books this past month and I wanted to share them with you! 
They are sure to boost your spirits and keep you uplifted: 
  • Peaceful Empowerment: 42 Ways to Strengthen Your Inner Power -- includes tips on how to stay grounded, strong and peaceful. (It even has nature photography too—all her own photos and they are gorgeous!)
  • Gratitude Goals & Growth Journal - includes three sections to jot down (like the title states) gratitude, goals and growth. This is brilliant to have these three together, but then that is Kelly…brilliant!
  • Nature Empowerment Notebooks - includes positive affirmations and nature illustrations (created by Kelly) on the cover and are blank on the inside ready for your brilliant thoughts and ideas. Kelly has shared a special 50% off discount code with me to share with you to use on her notebooks: V5PVH3CP. Love these notebooks! She has one with "Weirdo" on it. I know she created it just for me…ha ha!
  • You can find all of these empowerment books at her website:
  • Be sure to subscribe to her monthly empowerment newsletter too because you'll also get access to some uplifting empowerment audio exercises. 

I believe instilled in every one of us is a soul assignment that rises up from our heart essence. Most of us are disconnected from keeping up with the fast pace of society. Can you feel that disconnect within? 

This is your journey, and it is time to discover your destiny and your love of you. The road map is already in your heart. Your power is there. You just need someone to help tap into this knowing.

This is my expertise—to create a pathway for you to Rise Up to falling in love with yourself and sing the song that is in your soul.

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We Rise Together!

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