Ask and the Universe Delivers ...

Dear Healing Community,

It was just last week that I set the intention for training on how to build a company online (vs a small business).

I've run a small business before, when you are online you step into the "big business" because you are literally shoulder to shoulder with the big players, you can literally follow their every move because they are constantly putting out content and teaching ... for free!

This intention was even stated out loud on a coaching call & my client was all for it too!

At the same time I set this intention I started to see that I had a new responsibility to HOLD A FREQUENCY OF INFINITE WEALTH for my clients.


There is an invisible plague running across the coaching industry (there are many!) but one, in particular, is a nouveau riche, haves and have-nots vibe.

The result is that many coaches, healing practitioners, and creatives are making great money but they are not creating any wealth because as soon as the money comes in, it goes right out.

Where does the money go?

The money goes to higher coaching fees (because when you make more, you spend more ... right?)

The money goes to the team (because you're supposed to have a team ... right?)

The money goes to spa days (because self-care is the way to more wealth, didn't you know!?)

Coaching is very important but you don't have to risk everything to pay for a coach (unless you just love high-risk, then go for it!)

You only need a small team, 1 strong team member is everything, 2 strong team members and you are rocking! Delegate and prioritize!

Self-care is super-important! Building your life around good health is the foundation for millions but hacking your health to override burnout will leave you poor and frazzled. A healthy creative life comes as a priority and then self-care and spa days back up the nourishment and support.

If you watch the really big players today, the ones who are hitting 1 million+, some of them are on my friends list here, they aren't playing the nouveau riche game. They are re-investing really wisely. They are more focused on getting Client results than they are their next photo shoot in a fancy ball gown.

As a biz owner, your #1 focus in business is to support your clients to get stellar results so they want to send their friends to you.

As you increase your wealth don't run to spend it all immediately (because you think that's how you'll make more) otherwise your 10k+ months will be hell.

Invest wisely, if you lack confidence and self-knowing invest there first, if you lack marketing skills, invest there, if you have challenges with the creative process, invest there, if you struggle with money mindset & wealth creation, invest there ...And if you are looking for a 1-stop destination for all of these tools at a low-risk investment (meaning you won't have to take out a 2nd mortgage to pay for the program) check out Shine Online! We've just added the 8th module today called "Money Mastery."

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To Your Infinite Empowerment!

Celia Faye Meisel