Are You Chasing Approval? It's Time For A Change ...

Dear Healing Community,

When you spend your entire life trying to prove yourself to an invisible approval board that doesn't even exist.

It gets exhausting.

Your business becomes a reflection of your constant need for approval.

It's unhealthy.
Everything you need is within you. There is no invisible approval board.
It's your uniqueness and individuality that makes you beautiful and special. Cookie cutters are boring and bland. They water down your zing. If the world were only filled with cookie cutters there would be no art.
Your uniqueness, the obstacles you've faced, your trials and triumphs are what make you beautiful and there's no need to hide any of it.
Have you ever considered that you aren't meant to be like everyone else because you've got important work to do in the world as a Peaceful Warrior?
Just because you stand for peace, balance, and healing in a world filled with war, does not mean that your message is less important or less worthy of being heard. Or that you have to water it down because you are afraid that being a messenger of peace will trigger people because they are secretly comfortable in their discomfort.
This has been the story of my life ...Causing triggers in others because I am here to help and heal, to resolve emotional wounds, to create alignment. The backlash caused me to question myself.
I now know that the "low" energy just wants one thing ... to stay low ... it fights every day to stay there.
Your money story, it's there to keep you low. Your need for approval, it's there to keep you stuck. Your fear of truly being seen and heard, you're just afraid of trolls and backlash.
Is any of that more important than the work you came here to do in the world?

If it is, it's time to spend some deep time in healing and contemplation to resolve it because you do not need to present yourself as a Wounded Healer.

Be a Peaceful Warrior who focuses on his or her strengths. Your strength holds the transformation your ideal client is seeking.

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To Your Infinite Empowerment!

Celia Faye Meisel