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Below you will find a book launch from my good friend, Tally Hayden. We met many years ago and have always supported each other. I have had the blessing of being one of Tally's Intuitive Coaches over the years, helping her to call forth her guides as she journeyed to fulfill her purpose and passion (if you are interested in learning more about my services I provide, click here). I wholeheartedly endorse Tally's work, and I hope you will contact her to learn more about her programs and coaching services and partake in her book launch!

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"...things happen for you instead of to you so that you can discover yourself."

~ From Women Who Inspire, co-author Tally Hayden ~
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"Ring, ring, ring!" went the phone as I listened for the fax tone to pick up the call. It was 1983 and I was a congressional staffer in D.C. responsible for sending press releases to our offices in Alaska. I have done this many times with no issues. On this particular morning, the same thing that had happened the past 2 days, happened again.

I was sending a fax to the Juneau office—the town where my parents lived. As the fax was ringing I realized it was 4AM there. The fax picked up & it said "Hello?" in a deep voice.

For the 3rd time that week I accidentally called my home phone and woke up my father. We both laughed and I said "Dad, it's your goofy daughter again who needs to tell you for the 3rd time this week that she loves & misses you. Now go back to sleep—I'm sorry!"

2 days later my eldest brother called to tell me my dad had died suddenly of a heart attack. My family and I were devastated that we lost him so young.

That week things happened FOR me so I could tell my father 3 times that I loved him before he crossed over. I am remembering this now as my book launches today on Sept. 26—so close to Sept. 30, 1983 when he crossed over. He always wanted to write a book too.

TODAY, you can purchase the book "Women Who Inspire," where I share many moments in my life that were happening FOR me instead of TO me. It took me awhile to wake up to the awareness—each time an adversity occurred, it allowed for a deeper discovery of myself.

I'm so excited for you to read this book. I want you to share how any of the stories gave you hope & understanding for yourself.

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