$0.99 Kindle Book Available From My Friend, Jena Harris!

Hi The Healing Community,

I am so excited to share my friend and soul sister Jena Harris' book LAUNCH today! Today, "Who Were You Before The World Told You Who To Be: How To Step Into Your Highest Purpose and Embrace Your Uniqueness In a Cookie Cutter World" is available on
 Amazon—click here to get your copy! What is incredible is that TODAY ONLY the KINDLE VERSION is available for 99 cents! More information is below about her book!

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Words from Jena:
"I have been in this journey to find my voice, find my identity, and embrace my uniqueness for several years. I don't think it's a journey that is ever over, YET I do feel each and everyday that my life is getting more aligned with the things I love to do and being able to show up the way I am. Which some days is in a messy bun and my favorite LSU shirt, other days its my bohemian-hippy sundress and sandals with a braid in my hair!"

How will that FEEL when YOU can give yourself that kind of permission and freedom? 

If this book is calling to your spirit, seriously for TODAY ONLY the price will be at 99 Cents for the Kindle version and will go up to full price the next day. (And don't worry if you don't have a kindle, there are apps to read it!) If you would like the print copy TOO, it will be available October 30, 2017! 

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Excerpt from the book:
"In our world with social media taking over, I see women and especially young girls, constantly comparing themselves and never feeling good enough from obsessing over the Facebook and Instagram statuses to the Snapchat short updates. The social media updates, many of which, are not accurate or perhaps only gives a birds-eye view into someone's life, triggers unhealthy and destructive behavior for many young girls and women. Reinforcing the idea that we should all aspire to join the cookie cutter approach to living. That every woman needs to be this hybrid breed of magical women who have highly successful careers making a lot of money, maintaining beautiful, spotless homes, patiently parenting perfect children, create organic home-cooked meals that have been planned out a month in advance, and go to the gym to maintain a killer rock hard body with a handsome husband by their side."

Remember, to get more, order your kindle version TODAY! Click here now!

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Tally Hayden
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