Let's Stay Connected!

Let's Stay in Touch!

Hi Everyone,

Thanks so much for being on the Healing Community mailing list! I really love staying connected with all of you, but since I am pretty much a one-woman show, I'm having to make some changes in our format. About 6 months ago, I was diagnosed with macular degeneration, which means that I really need to limit the time I spend online if I want to continue being able to see. This is a huge lifestyle change for me, since I have pretty much LIVED online for the past 15 years, but my body is letting me know that it's time for a change and I'm honoring that.

So, over the next few months, I'm going to be focusing more on in person and phone events. I'm also going to be closing this mailing list and a few other online activities. But never fear! There are still 2 greats ways for us to stay in touch:
  1. JOIN OUR MEETUP.  For those who are not familiar with meetup, it's an app you can use to meet up with other people that are interested in the same kind of things that you are. We post all of our upcoming events there, whether they are online, in person or by phone. You can CLICK HERE TO JOIN OUR MEETUP
  2. FOLLOW OUR BLOG.  If you enjoy reading our informational articles, watching our videos, listening to our meditations, getting special offers and discounts, you can continue to do all of those things by following our blog. In fact, if you've noticed, all of the links you click one for these offerings have always led straight to the blog anyway. So, you'll still be accessing all of the same awesome information that you always did! You can CLICK HERE TO FOLLOW OUR BLOG
I feel so blessed to have you as part of our community and I truly hope you will stay connected in either one or even BOTH of these ways. I look forward to continuing to share this journey with all of you.

Happy Healing,

Deborah Lighthart,
Healing Community Organizer