Aimee Lawent Beach, Animal Communicator and Healer

Aimee Lawent Beach
Animal Communicator
+ Healer
by Phone

Aimee helps animals and their people when they feel helpless or hopeless by opening up the lines of communication and providing healing techniques.  She can assist your animals with aging, behavioral and chronic conditions as well as when sick, injured or abused.  She has trained with pioneers in the field of animal communication and animal energetic healing. She can communicate with pets who are still in their physical bodies, those that have transitioned/passed over as well as pets who are lost or missing from home.  Aimee currently provides animal communication and Healing Touch for Animal services. 

Animal Communication
Do you want to know what your animal is thinking and feeling, how he or she is doing in the afterlife, or   help your lost pet find their way home? Aimee can assist you and your cherished pet.  Aimee assists in building a bridge of understanding between animals and people.  By connecting with your beloved animal companions, you will open doors to a deeper connection than you could possibly imagine.  

Healing Touch for Animals

Do you have a pet that is sick, injured, dealing with a chronic disease, behaviorally challenged or suffering from post-traumatic stress?  Healing Touch for animals restores harmony and balance to your animal’s energy system while providing physical, emotional, mental and instinctual stability.  It is a unique form of energy work that bridges holistic animal health care with traditional veterinary science.  Experience what benefits deep relaxation can do for your pet and his/her health