Tuning Into the Space "In Between"

Dear Healing Community,

It's the space in between that counts the most right now.

The space in between your client sessions & calls.
The space in between your interactions with others.

This is the quiet time when you are alone when you are engaging with your internal self.
What are the messages that you are sending to yourself in these quiet moments?

The Angels and Divine are inviting us all to connect with a deeper harmonic state during the "in between" so that when we connect with others the collective vibe is raised.

You might be feeling depleted and tired right now, not sure of your next step, though you are also having success, that is quite common during a spiritual ascension shift. This is why harmonizing yourself during the "in between" is more important than ever. If you feel victimized and low in this state, you will not get the full benefit available to you now.

You are being called to open up and say "YES" to yourself, "YES" to multidimensional consciousness, "YES" to the Angels & Divine Source. "YES" to coming out of the closet and revealing even more of your True Divine Nature, that is WHY you are here on this earth.

As Star people and Angels here on earth, this planet can feel heavy because of all of the processing work that needs to be done.

I am here to tell you that you are not meant to do it alone. 
You are not meant to take weekend trainings to open your gifts and then not use them.

You ARE meant to shine brightly, build communities, and look for the miracle creators, look for the ones you are being called to and heal that inner saboteur that stops you in your tracks from moving forward.

It is in connection that we are all healed.
It is in discussion and opening to the True Self and Oneness that we are set free.

Love & Angelic Harmonic Frequencies to You,

Celia Faye Meisel
Angelic Medium + Spiritual Business Mentor