The Intuitive Development Path - Learning to Trust Your Intuition

Dear Healing Community,

Lately, I have received the message from Spirit to begin teaching more about the Intuitive Development Path and how one can harness their intuition to create more fulfillment and alignment.
Your intuition is one of your greatest gifts and if you aren't trusting your intuition it can be very difficult to manifest. It can also be difficult to honor your intuition if you aren't connected with yourself at the deepest levels. I have found that my clients gain a deeper connection with their intuition once they have an understanding of themselves at Soul level. There is a specific way that our intuition communicates with us and directs us to take aligned action.

This week I am sharing a video on The Intuitive Development Path and how to begin trusting and working with your intuition.

Blissfully yours,

Celia Faye Meisel

Spiritual Business Mentor