Manifestation e-course

Do you wish you were better at Manifesting?  Here is some info on  up the Creative Thinking Manifestation e-course I spoke about. 
This will be a Four week e-course. 
Course Starts on the Summer Solstice June 21.  A powerful time of the year so we will be using Solstice energies in our work.
This course has been excerpted from my book and designed  to help you create the life you have always wanted.  Many of us unknowingly speak contrary to what we would like to manifest, we also think in this manner.  This is not our fault, we have been conditioned this way.  This course will train you to think, act and speak in a way to access your own personal power.  This allows you to more easily manifest that which you want because you will no longer be working against yourself.  You will be inline with Cosmic flow and your own inner truth!
Along with a few simple lifestyle changes that you will learn, Creative Thinking  WILL make your life more fulfilling.  It will be less stressful and more rewarding and consequently, you will enrich the lives of those around you. 

YOU have the power to Create the life you DESERVE!
Included  in this course is:
*Two Instructional Videos
*Text Instruction and Weekly Lessons  from Lori-Anne's book "Creative Thinking"
*Worksheets to be completed at the end of each lesson to assess your progress
*Scheduled Group chats with Lori-Anne and  other Class members for feedback
*Manifestation Meditation
*A Manifestation Test!
*Upon Completion, a copy of Creative Thinking e-book or PDF
*Gift Certificate to Lori-Ann's emporium ($20 Value)
*Unlimited access to Lori-Anne for questions or comments regarding course material.
$44 for 4 weeks.   $11 per week. 
I'm very excited for this! 
So much Love to you All