EXCITING NEWS: S.H.I.T. is Happening {International Publication}

Hi The Healing Community,

The miracles just keep rolling in!  First I was interviewed last week to be part of a health and wellness online Summit (see bottom of page to join for free) and now I have become an international writer.  My manifesting endeavors are coming to form and it is so exciting!

I was asked by the editor and then selected to be a contributing author for the international publication, Luminous Wisdom: Sophia Magazine for the next year.  This online magazine has 45,000 readers globally and believes each womyn's life purpose is forever in process—leading, directing, and calling her toward her highest good.  This is in alignment with my passion to connect womyn to their power within.  I am THRILLED to share my wisdom and nuggets I have learned along the way to a broader audience.  It was a vision I created a year ago and now it has come to form.  Yipaeeeee!  Please do not give up on your dreams…keep dreaming BIG!

S.H.I.T. is Happening
By Tally Hayden

Shifting Higher into Thriving (S.H.I.T.) is happening!  Can you feel it?  You may be thinking there is no way we are thriving with what is going on in our country and in our world.  You may be feeling this isn't good and something isn't quite right.  You may notice a large jump in negativity in social media or people being more sensitive to negative thoughts, including yourself.  You may feel out of sorts, and you may even feel you are in a dark place.

But what you are feeling is a shift in consciousness that is taking place across the world.  We are waking up and we are shifting into thriving.  "S.H.I.T. happens" is taking on a whole new meaning and it is enveloped in spirit.  We are seeing more people become aware of the way we function as human beings.

There is a rising up and a wondrous rippling effect occurring.  Take notice of your own heart and your physical and spiritual environments.

When consciousness or a prevailing worldview changes, the actual physical world often appears to be broken and that is the time when people start to wake up.  When darkness sets in, this also allows light to come forth.  People start to take action within themselves spiritually and emotionally as well as outwardly to manifest positive change.  When this occurs, then new solutions come forth along with new levels of understanding.

We are seeing more people sharing individual differences, but are finding commonalities to unify.  Take Tara Ijai, for example—the woman who has created a...
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