Do you still believe this popular myth?

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At some point in our lives, most of us have heard the pervasive myth that average humans only use 10% of their brains. Extensive work in the scientific community has been done to dispel what was likely a misunderstanding of 19th-century research and consequent misquoting of an early 20th-century psychologist.

Yet, even today, about half the population still believes the myth. Part of this could be that it is, oddly, an inherently inspiring notion: If we have 90% capacity to tap into, how super-human and wildly different from our current pedestrian selves could we become.

Now, before you get all disheartened at the thought that you are already functioning at your full potential — keep reading! Humans have immense untapped potential; it's just that the way there is not through using a larger percentage of our brain.

This longing to be extraordinary has fueled many books and movies over the years. Several years ago Scarlett Johansson  in a movie called Lucy.  This thrill-a-minute action flick focuses directly on the 100%-capacity question. You can check out the movie trailer below:

Despite Morgan Freeman's compelling proclamations as a neuroscientist, what scientists know today is that unless a portion of the brain has been removed or severely injured, during the course of a day, we all use 100% of our brain. Dr. John Henley, a neurologist at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, sums it up this way:

Although it's true that at any given moment all of the...

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