Closing Doors So That New Ones Can Be Opened, Part 2

Dear Healing Community,

This week's message continues with our theme from last week on energy release to manifest our biggest desires.

It is really important that as spiritual entrepreneurs we are always keeping our mindset and energy really clear so that Source energy can easily flow through us.

A few simple ways to keep the energy of your space clear is to keep your home de-cluttered, your fridge clean (this is one of my manifesting secrets!), get rid of old clothes, dust, clean your car, etc.

You may find that you are too busy working with clients or on your business to get these things done, if that is the case ask for help or hire a housekeeper a few times a month. I am always more productive when my home is picked up.

Now check out the next video in our series:

Blissfully yours,

Celia Faye Meisel
Spiritual Business Mentor