Take home the ability to self-energize your Higher Brain!


Ends tonight, Deborah!

Hi Healing Community,
The Early Bird Discount of $200 ends TONIGHT at midnight – make sure you reserve your spot now for the "A New Brain, A New Beginning: Immersion Retreat" before it's too late!
Here is a peek into each of the 3 days of retreat:
DAY 1: Purge lower brain stress, energize your Higher Brain and develop a strategy to transform all challenges into opportunity.
DAY 2: Energizing the Higher Brain and unleashing your Authentic Self.
DAY 3: Tuning your Higher Brain to the experience of enlightenment consciousness.
In addition to the above, here are some other things you will be experiencing:
  • This Immersion is set within a collective framework designed to leverage the power and resonant potential of the group. A new 'we space' in consciousness will be liberated at these immersions and a new sacred community will emerge.
  • Take home ability to self-energize your Higher Brain
  • Take home integration and strategy to live all of the above
  • Lunch included
  • Dr. Cottons teachings on the evolution of consciousness, culture and the brain
  • Enlightened dialogue and Q & A
  • Lifetime friends
  • Opportunity to be part of this ongoing movement
  • Opportunity to become a leader in this movement


(Discount ends April 30th.)
EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT: $1297.00 (enter promo code: EARLY2017)


Receive an EEG assessment!

(Only available to the first 12 who register! Discount ends April 30th.)
Receive a package of 2 EEG scans along with a consultation to see how the Higher Brain Living® Immersion Retreat is transforming your brain!
  1. Visit the Immersion Retreat page first to secure your spot
  2. Then visit the EEG page to enroll as one of the first 12 to receive this package!
EEG EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT: $1150 (enter promo code: EARLYSCAN)

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