Offering High-end vs. Low-end

Dear Healing Community,

Are you running a high-end or a low-end business model?

First, let me explain that high-end and low-end are not to be interpreted as duality. It is not a representation of good or bad. Your Soul has a unique energetic matrix that resonates with its own preferred type of business model, which will bring in an abundance of clients.

When you run a high-end business model it simply means that you are setting higher prices to preserve your time and energy so that you can serve a select roster of clients at a much higher level.

With a high-end business model, you can make yourself available to your clients between sessions so that they can contact you whenever they need assistance, support, or share a big win. With this type of business model, you will package your services by not offering single sessions because you are working with a transformational process. You take your clients from point a to point b, and so on.

When you run a low-end business model, it means that you are offering single sessions at a lower price, working to fill a weekly quota of clients to meet your income goals. If you have a monthly income goal of $3,500 and you are selling coaching or healing sessions for $60, you will need to work with an average of 15 clients per week, which is nearing 60 sessions per month. With this business model, you can package your services to offer 3, 6, or 9 single sessions together. The challenge here is that you must be able to explain the transformation that a client will receive in order for them to purchase a package from you.

One of my clients offers a service where she does an energetic test that asks her client's body the frequency or duration of sessions that they need to receive to experience the most beneficial result. If you are offering a low-end business model, incorporating muscle testing or your own intuitive check-in of how many sessions a client needs will:

(1) save you from needing to look for new clients each week, and
(2) provide your client with the peace of mind that they have someone to support them throughout their journey.

It is important to work with the business model that is right for you. This way you will be fulfilled, and your clients will be happy with their experience and their results.

When you are in the coaching, consulting, or healing industry, it is extremely important that you keep your energy clear and operate from a high-level of integrity (practice what you preach)! Your offers and services need to be coming from a place of what excites you personally, not from a place of what you think can make you money or what you think others want from you.

When you give yourself permission to offer the services that excite you, be prepared to start educating your audience about how you can help them. Since coaching, consulting, or healing may be a newer concept to some, you can actually shift people's mindset, perception, and frequency through your high-level marketing!

Blissfully yours,

Celia Faye Meisel

Spiritual Business Mentor